Zan 'EE ' Knits
   a knitting  club
Pics from the 4th club at Susie's House

Because of heavy rains we retreated inside
where it was warm and toasty.
Everyone brought projects to show and share. 
The highlight was the double knit
horse scarf below.    Fabulous !!

 JOIN our 5th Zan 'EE 'Knits club
 Wed, Sept 27, 2017  6pm-8pm 

at Barnes & Noble
Pittsford Plaza
Community Center room upstairs

I wll be out of the country for 2 weeks
SO WILL NOT HOLD our club meeting on
Sept 6th.  Barnes & Noble has agreed to letting us change  the community meeting room to Wed, Sept 27th at our usual hour.  They're also looking for a a second night each month for our club!  Keep you posted on dates when I'm back. 

I plan to discuss a wonderful pattern several of us from the Yarne Source
have knitted.  Its called the Biscotte scarf.  Gorgeous & fairly simple to do,  there IS a gotcha in the pattern we'd like to talk about to help if you choose this project.

I plan to order Malabrigo yarn for those who want to use its Silky Merino or Dos Tierras yarns for this project.   I'll bring the Malabrigo colorway chart, from which you can pick colorways.

Note*  I will only order  a colorway you choose if you need at least 3 skeins of that yarn type & colorway.  

Its all about Fiber, fun, and Friends

& those who LOVE yarn