Bedford is Energizing!
Last week Bedford 2020 and the Town of Bedford recognized 45 newly "Energized" homeowners for their leadership in reducing energy waste and helping achieve our community's climate action goals.  Since the Energize program was piloted in Bedford, 195 homes have made energy efficiency upgrades, the program has expanded to 14 communities and over 1,100 homes throughout Westchester are participating.

Your Energized Bedford neighbors are:

  • Reducing energy bills: collectively saving an estimated $370,422 annually on home energy costs.
  • Enjoying more Comfortable homes that are warm and cozy in the winter and cool in summer.
  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: with an estimated collective annual reduction of 390 Metric Tons of CO2 -- equivalent to taking 65 cars off the road a year.

Go Bedford! Interested in Energizing you home? Contact us at (914) 620-2411 or Stay tuned for info on upcoming limited time discount coming soon!
Jackie Matlin
Sergio and Joni Walaski
“When we moved from San Francisco two years ago, we were coming to a much colder climate and noticed a draft all over our home. We looked into energy upgrades and realized we could get a free assessment through Energize. After our energy upgrades with Healthy Home we have noticed a huge difference in our comfort level and our heating bill. I also wanted to come tonight to set an example for my children- I hope their generation has a different mindset when it comes to energy efficiency.”
“Since we got our energy assessment and upgrades we have noticed huge differences in our heating and energy bills. We didn’t do it for cost savings, we did it because it was the right thing to do environmentally, but we ended up getting all of these extra benefits. People should do this no matter their motivation because it is all of our responsibility.”
Energize Bedford New Campaign!
At the event, Midge Iorio of Bedford 2020 announced Energize Bedford’s newest initiative.
    “We are launching a major Energize Bedford Campaign with limited time incentives and discounts this fall to get as many residents as possible to explore the program and sign before the end of the year. We want energy efficient homes to be the norm in Bedford, and to do that, neighbor to neighbor outreach is key. We are looking for energized homeowners and community members who are interested in energy savings to share their ideas, and join our advisory committee.”
    Contact us if you are interested  in joining in a brainstorm session for the upcoming Energize campaign.