January 23, 2017
From Our Council President
Portrait of David Richards
Dear Advent Congregation,

It was a pleasure to serve as Council President in 2017, a year full of exciting change for our congregation. I want to begin by acknowledging all of our dedicated volunteers and staff. Even though this was my third year on Council, it wasn’t until I became more involved that I was fully aware of all the special people that make up our Advent community, and all that they do. So, a huge thank you to all for a year of extraordinary service.

The highlight of the year was the calling of our Senior Pastor, Pastor Danielle. I am grateful to the members of the Call Committee, to the Council, and to Pastor Ann for leading us through this process. As a congregation, we have witnessed the increase in attendance, giving, and participation that often follows such a transition, and we look forward to building on that success in 2018 . . .

Our Annual Congregational Meeting is this Sunday at 10:10am in the basement fellowship hall. In preparation, read more about our past year in review, Council's priorities in the coming year, and what to expect at Advent in 2018.
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2017 in 13 Photos
Because getting it down to 12 was just too hard. Even 13 photos leave out so much of the ministry, work, laughter, fun, preaching, praying, and community that happens here in the space of a year. The contributions of and impact on all the people who have been part of Advent's community and ministry in 2017 are unfathomable. With that caveat, here are 13 great photos and great moments we captured from throughout 2017.
Take a Look
Annual Congregational Meeting this Sunday
10:10am this Sunday, January 28 in the basement fellowship hall

We need your questions, insight, and engagement in our 2018 Annual Congregational Meeting. In addition to voting on several important matters for 2018, we'll also take some time to look back on 2017 and celebrate together where we've been, what we've accomplished, and how far we've come. Come join us.

A note for parents: In place of regular Sunday School, childcare and games will be provided from 10:05am to 10:55am during the Annual Congregational Meeting so parents can participate in the meeting.
Proposed 2018 Budget Summary
A summary by our treasurer, Pastor Charles Miller, covering the critical aspects of our proposed 2018 Budget, has been added to our online annual reports. Especially if you missed our financial update meeting on Sunday the 21st, take a moment to read this brief summary in preparation for this Sunday's annual meeting, when the congregation will vote on the proposed 2018 budget.
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Tonight, We Begin
Join a small-group study at Advent about moving from privilege to partnership, starting this month.

Do you want to help address and break the cycle of socialization that perpetuates racism and sustains an exclusive church? You can. Do you want to feel more comfortable talking about race with candidness, solidarity, and love? You can. This small-group study is designed to equip you with the tools.

In "Troubling the Waters," a sixth-month study for white Christians, we will explore the role that white privilege has in shaping attitudes, belief systems, cultures and those of the church and society at large.

The first meeting is at 7pm tonight, January 23. At our first meeting we’ll discuss as a group the best schedule to continue meeting, so if you are interested but not sure about your availability or schedule, come to this first meeting and be part of the conversation.

Sign up now, it's not too late! You can sign up online now, or talk to Pastor Danielle, who can be reached at pastordanielle@adventnyc.org. Can't make it to the first meeting? You can still sign up to let us know you're interested in participating.
Maybe You're Wondering . . .
Why does it say this study is specifically for white Christians?

Troubling the Waters is one of many anti-racism trainings/groups/programs that Advent will have over the next few years. The intent is for the greater conversation to ultimately engage the whole community. This initial group prepares the way for conversation, creating a space for white people to take responsibility for working with themselves to confront white privilege and inherent bias. We recognize there is no perfect approach to racial justice, and we welcome all voices, perspectives, and questions throughout this process.

Our first meeting at 7pm Tuesday, January 23 is 100% open to everyone wishing to learn, listen, and share your perspective on how we will approach this process as a congregation over the coming years.
Yes, I'm in for "Toubling the Waters"
Yes, I'll Join the First Meeting & Discussion
Last Sunday's Sermon
Missed last Sunday's sermon? Want to hear it again? Listen or watch online.

Sunday, January 21 | So much evil in this world exists because of complacency. Jesus disrupted complacency wherever he went. Because in the world God is creating -- the world Jesus died for -- all are cared for, counted, and loved; no one is illegal because we are all human beings; no one is objectified because we are all children of the same God; no one is without because all creation is held within the circle of God's embrace. Does that world seem far away? Yes. Does it seem within reach? Yes. Is it what we are called to help make a reality? Yes. So what are we waiting for?
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Young Adults in Global Mission
The ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) program invites young adults ages 21-29 into a year of service, faith formation and relationship building in 11 programs in 14 countries around the world. Young adults serve in the spirit of accompaniment, walking alongside global companions in a manner that practices mutuality, interdependence and solidarity. As they offer themselves in service, young adults are shaped by the witness of our global neighbors. Check out ELCA.org/yagm for more information and apply now! Applications are due Feb. 15 for service beginning in August.
Full Ministry Calendar
What ministry or group will you be involved in this month? There are even more ways to connect in fellowship and service!
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This Sunday
Gospel | Mark 1:21-28
Preaching | Pastor Gary at 9am & 11am worship in English, and 12:45pm worship in Spanish
Presiding | Pastor Danielle at 9am & 11am worship in English, and Pastor Gary at 12:45pm worship in Spanish
Music Minister | Michelle Alvarado
Sunday School | Childcare, games, and fun will be provided from 10:05am to 10:55am during the Annual Congregational meeting so parents can participate in the meeting.
Annual Congregational Meeting | Meets at 10:10am in the basement fellowship hall
Adult Conversation | Off for our Annual Congregational Meeting
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