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On December 9th at John Jay High School, the Greenlight Award Round One Judges heard 18 compelling presentations by students from six high schools who want to tackle one of our biggest challenges, behavior change to benefit the environment.

The following teams have been named Finalists based on their proposal score. They will receive funding- up to $1,000 each - and mentor support through Bedford 2020 to carry out their green behavior change projects. The Finalists will present their results at the Final Event on May 1st at Fox Lane High School. Mark your calendar to come be inspired!
Congratulations, Greenlight Award Finalists
The Frequent Filling Club by Mitchell Antin and Sam Dixon of Fox Lane High School will incentivize students to use refillable water bottles at FLHS.

Rain Water Harvesting by Rachel Joseph from Somers High School will inspire water conservation behavior by using the installation of a 5-barrel rain barrel system to raise awareness and start an environmental club.

Smart Route Optimization by Jack Capobianco, Chris Cook, Jacob Raimondi, and Ian Wiatric of John Jay High School will encourage efficient driving practices by creating an app to optimize after school bus routes and convincing bus drivers and students to use it.

Recycling for a Cause by Bronson Cvijanovich and Sasha Levine from Horace Greeley will encourage recycling by giving recyclers an opportunity to select a charity that their bottle refund money will benefit.

STOP Idling by STOP, the Greeley environmental club, will get cars to stop idling at the high school through incentives and by launching a major outreach and social media campaign. 

Take-a-Bag, Leave-a-Bag by Krishna Ramaswamy of Horace Greeley will encourage use of reusable bags by installing and promoting kiosks in town where people can take and leave reusable bags to use when shopping.

Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free by Warren Kennedy-Nolle and Jialin Yang of Rye Country Day School will get parents to stop idling in front of the school through an incentive program.

Water Band by Davin Bhatti, Dyllon Preston, and Pranay Talla of Horace Greeley will reduce water use by raising awareness through use of their invention of a water consumption sensor.

Water Filtration by Sadie Albert and Chloe Savitch from the Harvey School will encourage reusable water bottle use by getting a new bottle-filling and water-filtering water fountain installed at Harvey and selling reusable water bottles.
Thank you!
All Greenlight Award Contestants
The 19 teams who were involved this fall did a great deal of work, and we believe they learned a lot in the process!

From finding a faculty advisor to talking with stakeholders, they grappled with strategies and developed a full proposal with budget and timeline to address a real problem and presented it before a large group and judges who grilled them about it. And it was an "extracurricular activity!"

Their ideas were thoughtful, creative and some quite innovative. We congratulate all Greenlight Award Contestants on their achievement.

We also greatly appreciate the support of faculty members for advising students and promoting the program:

Fox Lane: David Albano, Matt Hillis and Assistant Principal Ana Piquaro
Harvey School: Jason Hill, Luigi Loiola and Head of the Upper School Phil Lazarro
Horace Greeley: Mary Rose Joseph and Joseph Montuori
John Jay: Linda Burke, Steven Zoeller and Assisstant Principal Kim Piccolino
Somers High School: Michael Fry
Rye Country Day: Kerry Linderoth

And thank you to all the district administrators who supported our promoting the contest in their schools including KLSD for hosting the Round One Event and Harvey for hosting the Incubator Workshop.
Thank You also to the Greenlight Award: 

  • Round One Judges: Nisa Geller, Brian Lakamp, Michelle Land, and Jayni Chase
  • Volunteers including the Greenlight Award Steering Committee and the community experts we tap along the way. 
  • Sponsors: PepsiCo and the Westchester Community Foundation