Divots Fore Hope: The second annual charity golf tournament will be held May 21st at the 1757 Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia
Save the Date for MLI's 21st Anniversary Clearing the Path Gala 
Highlights from the 8th annual K9-9K walk/run
Mine Detection Dog Spotlight: 6 Explosive Detection Dogs start working in Kurdistan
Peace Makers and Problem Solvers connects students in the U.S. and Colombia
MLI Founder and Chairman General Sullivan honored at the ACBH Gala
DIVOTS FORE HOPE: Golf Tournament to Support Mine Action

MLI will co-host the second annual charity golf tournament Divots Fore Hope with the Mines Advisory Group of America (MAG America), at the 1757 Golf Club in Sterling, VA on May 21, 2018.

With the generous support of caring global citizens like you, MLI has helped to make the world a safer and better place by eliminating the humanitarian dangers and destabilizing effects of landmines in a dozen severely contaminated countries. This year we plan to send 21 highly trained mine detection dogs to Colombia, Iraq, Lebanon, and Sri Lanka and to help hundreds of landmine survivors in Bosnia and Yemen. Proceeds from the second annual Divots Fore Hope golf tournament will be used to help sponsor a lifesaving dog to "sniff out" landmines in one of these conflict-affected countries and to provide prosthetic limbs to survivors, especially children, who have been injured by dangerous explosives. 

Join us and MAG America at the beautiful 1757 Golf Club in Sterling, VA on Monday, May 21st, for a round of golf and to support mine-affected communities!   
For Sponsorship information or to register a foursome to play, please click here for more information or contact us at
21st Anniversary Clearing the Path Gala
Save the date for Marshall Legacy Institute's 21st Anniversary Clearing the Path Gala on October 24, 2018 at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel in Arlington, Virginia! 

We will once again gather some 300 leaders of business, industry, and government to honor exceptional individuals who have made extraordinary efforts to help others in war-torn countries. MLI’s programs help to rebuild peace, promote leadership among youth, and empower vulnerable individuals. Each year, we seek to expand and build upon our successes, and our 2018 Gala will celebrate this progress and highlight the challenges that remain. Former Honorees and Congressional leaders will join us in presenting well-deserved awards to remarkable leaders, including inspirational survivors, heroic dog teams, and the CHAMPS Student/Teacher of the Year.

Stay tuned for more information!
Contact us at or (703) 243 9200 for ticket and sponsorship information
MLI sends six more lifesaving dogs to Kurdistan
In February 2018, MLI delivered six Explosive Detection Dogs (EDDs) to the Ministry of Peshmerga in northern Iraq. Athos, Bob, Kenji (see photo to the right of Kenji with handler), Kiro, Mono and Smoky were generously sponsored by Hillwood - a Perot Company, and will be working with the Peshmerga to help clear Kurdish land of dangerous explosives and IEDs. The six EDDs and their Kurdish handlers were certified in April and have started their important, lifesaving work. This six-pack of dogs marks MLI's second round of donations to the Peshmerga, as we aim to provide them with the tools and training they require to clean up explosives left by ISIS, and to make land safe for returning refugees and internally displaced persons. Together with the first four dogs, also sponsored by private Americans, these valuable animals play a crucial role in the Peshmerga's day-to-day operations, helping to search cars, roads, and houses, and providing assistance to clean areas previously held by ISIS. 

Global Training Academy is currently training six mine detection dogs (see photo below of one of these dogs) for delivery to Kurdistan in early June. MLI is seeking sponsors for these hero canines - contact us if you are interested in helping to support the Kurdish Regional Government and its efforts in freeing land of deadly mines and explosives!
MDD Red, seeking sponsorship
Peshmerga handlers and EDDs during the EDD course graduation ceremony in April
Support our Mine and Explosives Detection Dog Program in Iraq
Annual K9-9K at Glenelg Country School
sponsors 7th Mine Detection Dog
On April 28th, Glenelg Country School (GCS) hosted its 8th annual K9-9K run/walk! Children, parents, faculty, community members and many, many dogs gathered on a beautiful Saturday morning at the GCS campus to walk/run for those who can't because of landmines and to celebrate the work of lifesaving dogs. We are deeply grateful to Glenelg Country School and the Glenelg community for their continued and generous support.

This year was the most successful K9-9K yet - together with the proceeds from Glenelg's 2018 CHAMPS fundraisers, the children have completed yet another campaign to sponsor their 7th mine detection dog and to help a landmine survivor in Bosnia or Yemen! We are so incredibly proud of Jennifer Cope, Glenelg Country School teacher who helped to organize this event, Anne Wooleyhand, Head of GCS Lower School, and all of the CHAMPS students. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to help others! 

CHAMPS Glenelg students previously sponsored MDDs Barrett, Country, Dragon, Jason, Spirit, and Woody. Together, these MDDs have saved countless lives and searched thousands of square acres of land in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Iraq. We are looking forward to updating you on the work of Glenelg's next MDD!
MLI's President Perry Baltimore
thanks Glenelg CHAMPS students
MLI team with Glenelg CHAMPS students and two retired Mine Detection Dogs (left - Nutmeg, adopted by the Marschall family; right - Dino, adopted by Perry Baltimore)
Peace Makers and Problem Solvers connects students in the U.S. and Colombia
In March 2018, MLI launched a new leadership development program called Peace Makers and Problem Solvers (PMPS). PMPS is an innovative program that provides students the opportunity to cultivate leadership skills, think critically about the world around them, and work collaboratively with students in other countries on social impact projects, taking them from concept to completion. PMPS builds upon CHAMPS to provide high-school students a custom-made curriculum that enables them to implement projects in their communities that address a local humanitarian issue. MLI is currently piloting the program between a school in Poolesville, Maryland, and a school in Chigorodo, a rural region of Colombia. The participating American and Colombian students are virtually talking with each other on a bi-monthly basis and are active in a What's App PMPS group that is monitored by MLI staff. Despite occasional language challenges, the students have made fast friends with one another and are already sharing inside jokes during the calls! 
First virtual call between Poolesville students (top left on computer) and Chigorodo students (bottom right), led by MLI staff and MLI's Education Coordinator, Ms. Anne Wooleyhand (top right)
Through PMPS, students in both countries identify a shared social issue in their communities and design a project with a set of activities that will aim to address the issue. The goal is for the students to observe how a similar issue may manifest itself differently in both communities. The current group of PMPS American-Colombian students is currently working on activities that will address their chosen topic. These student-driven initiatives can take a variety of forms, including fundraising campaigns, public outreach initiatives/awareness raising campaigns, art installations, social entrepreneurship projects, and more, but all must have measurable metrics and plans for outcome based assessments.  

Through PMPS, MLI also equips educators with tools and resources to implement the PMPS curriculum in their classrooms, which includes topics such as defining conflict, teamwork, perceptions, and cross-cultural communication. MLI is incredibly excited to launch this new program and is currently seeking financial support for its expansion. If your school is interested to participate in PMPS, if you are interested to financially support the project, or if you would like to receive more information, please visit our website here or contact us at
Are you interested in getting your school involved with MLI's new Peace Makers and Problem Solvers Project, which targets older youth for leadership development? Contact us to find out more about how you can become involved!
The Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina Honors General (Ret.) Gordon R. Sullivan with a Lifetime Achievement Award
On May 13, 2018 the Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina (ACBH) hosted its 2018 Gala, which celebrated the 75th Anniversary of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Statehood at the Whittemore House in Washington, D.C. During the event, MLI's Founder and Chairman, General (Ret.) Gordon R. Sullivan was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognized his and MLI's humanitarian work in Bosnia. Other Gala honorees included President Bill Clinton, former Bosnian President Dr. Haris Silajdzic and General (Ret.) Wesley K. Clark. 

MDD Sully
Since 2004, MLI has donated 44 highly trained dogs to local Bosnian demining organizations to "sniff out" landmines (including MDD Sully, named in honor of General Sullivan - see photo to the right of General Sullivan with MDD Sully in Bosnia); provided prosthetic limbs to over 100 Bosnian survivors; delivered mine risk education to more than 100,000 Bosnians living in mine-threatened communities; and linked American and Bosnian schools to identify, befriend and help young survivors. We have conducted mine clearance operations in Olovo and Maglai and are currently completing an operation in Busovača. MLI will attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony in late June to declare Busovača mine-free! 

Thanks to all of our supporters for helping us help the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina; and with great appreciation, we extend our thanks to the Advisory Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina for recognizing General Sullivan and MLI's work!    
General Sullivan (right) with wife Lori (left) and President Bill Clinton (center) 
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