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Volume 6 Issue 4
April 2013

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Player Development vs Team
Critcizing Teammates
Is Coach a Good Teacher?
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In this issue: New contributors Ian Mulliner and Jeffrey Rhoads have provided excellent articles that all coaches, parents and club officials should read. And Brian Gotta discusses how to address the issue of players criticizing teammates.

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Player Development vs Team Performance Ian Mulliner
By Ian Mulliner

A common question asked by youth coaches at coaching courses is "where do I hide my weaker players?" My answer to that is why you feel the need to "hide" them when it is our job as coaches to develop them? If we never expose those players to situations that arise in games, how do we expect them to get better? Read Article
Brian GottaCriticizing Teammates
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

As a parent, if one of your children was constantly yelling at and demeaning a sibling every time they made a mistake, wouldn't you put a stop to it? Why then do coaches allow players to chastise or put down teammates for errors on the field? This behavior is not only detrimental to team chemistry but will have an adverse effect on the player being criticized, as well as the one doing it. Read Article
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Is Your Child's Coach a Good Teacher? Jeffrey Rhoads
By Jeffrey Rhoads

The quality of a child's experience in organized youth sports is highly dependent on his or her coach. Good coaches both understand their sport and how to communicate this knowledge. Read Article
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