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Volume 5 Issue 10
October 2012

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Imagination More Important Than Knowledge
Any Excuse to Win
Causes of Burn Out
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Greetings from CoachDeck!

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In this issue: Tom Turner is back with the first of a 3-part article on why some countries seem to develop gifted and creative players not produced here. A reader writes to Brian Gotta that her son's coaches are using a CoachDeck article as justification for unfairly treating their players. And Dr. Alan Goldberg second in a two-part series examines the causes of burnout in sports.

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"Imagination More Important Than Knowledge" Tom Turner
By Tom Turner

While Einstein definitely wasn't talking about soccer when he uttered those words, he certainly could have been hinting at the value of a learning environment that emphasized creativity and problem solving over rote learning. Read Article
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Brian GottaAny Excuse to Win
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

I recently received an email from a parent who claimed that something we'd written in our blog had given ammunition to her son's coaches who not giving enough playing time to very young players. She wrote: I know your blog is supposed to help coaches and parents deal with little league concerns. I am hoping you actually do read this. Read Article

Causes of Burn Out (Part 2) Dr. Goldberg
By Dr. Alan Goldberg

In our previous issue we took a look at symptoms which might indicate an athlete is suffering from burn out. In part two of this article, we examine the causes of sports burn out.
Read Article
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