It's Almost Time
--FNAME-- , it's almost time!  Time to enjoy the results of your hard work.  All the effort and thought you've placed into every gift will be worth it when you see the happy looks on their faces.  If you're still not quite done, please come in and let us help you find that gift.  If you are done, and you came to shop with us, thank you!  Happy Holidays to all!

In the Nick of Time!
Designer Jewelry from Greenwich Village

We just received new inventory from Jillery jewelry!  Jillery is jewelry designed by Jill Fagin in her Greenwich Village studio.  Each piece uses recycled aluminum and is unique because of Jill's unwavering commitment to a "hands-on" approach to all of her designs and products.  Each piece is hand-made by skilled artisans in her studio.  Stop in and see what would make a special Holiday gift!​​​​​​​
We Can Save You Time
We have "that" gift you need

Stop in and see what we can do for you.  We have perfect gifts for the teachers, mail carriers and hostesses on your list.  Maybe you have a price range in mind.  We can help you with gifts that are unique, and we have unique gifts from any price range.  We have items already put together that you can grab and go, or have one of our sales consultants put together something for you.  Loads of stocking stuffers and gifts for under $10:
  •     Epicurian Earth and Imprints lip balms and bath salts
  •     Republic of Tea
  •     stone bracelets
  •     bath bombs
  •     quirky socks
  •     hemp seed hand and body lotion
  •     and of course, our famous peanut butter crunch bars!
Anything we can do to keep you jolly!

Tunics and Leggings
Bath Bomb Gift Sets


"My favorite salad is Wine" Womens Socks
Mens Video Game Socks
Time is Running Out!
Order by December 21st

If you've been thinking of ordering one of our Christmas cookie trays, there isn't much time left to do so. Your order must be placed by Thursday, December 21st. There are almost 4 dozen cookies on this tray, and it is only $25.  If you priced out the cookies individually, you could not come close to this price.  Since it is handmade in our Bistro, it is all Vegan, and the taste of each style is out of this world!  Vegans and Non-Vegans will love these cookies.  Everyone will be delighted!
Dinner Time!
We can help with your Holiday dinners

When you're planning your Vegan Holiday meal, look no further than our Bistro for your main course.  With ham, roasts and sausages to choose from, we can save you time searching for your Vegan options, they're all right here!
Our Holiday Hours
We are open this Tuesday through Friday 10:00am until 9:00pm.
Saturday we will open our Boutique at 9:00am until 9:00pm.
We will be closed Sunday and Monday.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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