What's New
In January 2015
*New Day*
7:30 "SexyFit"
with Patty Wortham

*Returning Class*
8:30 "Simply Sexy Sweat & Stretch"
with Joey Bothwell

Tuesday & Thursday
*New Class Duration*
4:45 "6-Pack Abs"
with Gillian Clark
is now 40 minutes

*New Start & End Time*
5:30 "Booty Kickin' Sculpt"
with Gillian Clark
now 5:30 - 6:25

*Pre-register online or  
cash at door only* 

 8:30 "RaqShimmy"
with Shea Butter

*Returning Class*
8:30 "Simply Sexy Sweat & Stretch"
with Joey Bothwell

*Returning Class*
1:30 "Vinyasa Flow Yoga"
with Kelly Corazzi
8250 West 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90048  

Spread LOVE

Dear Gillian,

I love celebrating the New Year! It needn't be at a raucous party, though I admit I love that. I'm happy ringing in the new year with a loved-one or a kitty and reflecting back at what's been and then looking forward to what's to come.

The best of New Year's is the positive and fired-up feelings we generate when projecting our best selves into the reality we consciously and deliberately co-create. Making things happen or manifesting is easiest when experincing a flow state--feeling joyful while holding a big vision for the future.

It's easier to be in a flow state when you're in your body and being fully engaged in your body is easy when you're at SWERVE.

Our themes for 2015 are based in the signs of the zodiac, a celestial coordinate system, which garners influence on all who dwell in The Milky Way Galaxy.

January of 2015 is a time of  breakthrough for all of us, but this doesn't mean life will be complicated. Rather the first month of our new year is blessed with simplicity. To be at your best this coming month, remind yourself to practice empathy in all your relationships. This will go over well whilst you're dancing, training or doing core work at SWERVE. It'll also make you a kinder person, so have at it.

And while you're at it, set your intention on being more fit this year. Workout more consistently and with greater focus. You have all the external support you need from your SWERVE community. Now the only thing remaining is you. You can do it!

Blessings on your New Year 2015! Love! Abundance! Happiness! Health! Peace! Freedom! Dreams Come True! And more than ever, Spread LOVE.


Gillian Alexandria Clark