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10 Things to do at Bartlett's during
School Vacation Week
  • Visit the toy corner to find a new toy or game
  • Meet a friend for breakfast or lunch
  • Surf the web (free wifi)
  • Sample a different goodie each day
  • Come out and just have a chat - we have time to stop and talk at this time of year!
  • Learn Something! Come to the farm talk or food demos on Saturday
  • Dream a little - Plan your vegetable or flower garden
  • See what's on sale (hint - LOTS)
  • Try a new cheese and cracker combination (delice de bourgogne + sesame crackers)
  • Help us count down the number of days until we can sell wine again (40 days til April 1)
Grow Your Own Veggies and Flowers
Saturday Feb 24, 11 am
Join us in the Hayloft for an in depth lesson on how to seed your own vegetables and flowers with our
super knowledgeable garden gurus
Greenhouse Operations Manager, Fernanda Longo
Marketing Director Hilary Newell
This is Event is FREE!!!
Food Demo
Saturday at 11 and Noon
Challah making and braiding with Liam Bowley
from Something Natural
Food Demos are FREE!
We are carrying seeds from Renee's Garden and Botanical Interest. 
Not sure about how to sow and grow seeds? 
Come out on Saturday morning for our farm talk to see how you can grow your own flowers and food!
Bartlett's 175th Anniversary Presents-
Who's Your Farmer? Get to know our staff!

Dylan Johnson

Word of mouth is one of the best ways for us to find new employees and that is exactly how Dylan came to work at the farm. He didn’t even know where Nantucket was when his friend mentioned it and his first online impression was ‘Great Vacation Spot!

Arriving from Bennington, NH Dylan met the reality of warm, rainy days, but he enjoyed being in a brand new place, riding his bike around, but not too far – until he learned his way around.

That was in May of 2015, when he was hired as a seasonal receiver. He decided to “wash ashore” and joined us full-time, year-round the following season. He has since been promoted now serves as our Inventory Manager where he most enjoys being able to control chaos and organize a lot of what goes on behind the scenes at the farm.

He and his team are responsible for making sure the right products are in the right places for customers, whether they're for the market or from the fields.

Days off are peaceful - even zen-like, either at home or at the beach.

Fun fact about Dylan: If he were ever to become an actor, his costar of choice would be Leonardo DiCaprio.

New Product! 
Gourmet Cheese Cups
A decadent blend of Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, Midnight Moon Goat Gouda, Italian Parmigiano, Pecorino & English Cotswold with Garlic and Chives...

5 Ingredients
5 minutes to make!
From the Photo Vault
Field Crew - early 80's
We now have up to 120 people on staff in the summer time!
Save The Dates
3/3 11 AM in the Hayloft: Dave Shepard slide show and discussion of his
Peace Corp Mission to Nepal

3/10 11 AM and Noon in the Market: Billy Sherry food demonstration

3/24 11 AM In the Hayloft: Andrew Spollett answers all your questions about growing vegetables, here at the farm or in your own yard.  
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