Greetings Beloved Meditator,

You're receiving this email because you've come to meditate with me and the group at least once in the last year.

I'm traveling next week and so Tuesday's group meditation gathering is cancelled for July 3rd at 3:30 pm.

I'm back quickly and so Friday's 4:00 pm group meditation class is on.

Come. Gather. Join. Revive and renew yourself in this replenishing, loving, self-healing and world-healing practice.

Everything in manifest reality exists in consciousness first, and so we harness the mind to connect to the Essence and Heart of Absolute Reality. We do this through our meditation practices.

I will guide you. You will guide yourself. We will learn from one another. This will result in a better outlook, greater peace, more sustainable glowing health and a new reality.

With Love Ever,