December 22, 2016
A Season of Listening
We did it! We pulled off a colorful, engaging Christmas Pageant, and no less, with larger roles for our youngest children than I've ever seen. It was pretty amazing. Thank you to all of you who stepped up, made it to rehearsals, chased wandering sheep, and made this production happen. To those of you who couldn't be a part of our Pageant this year, we hope you'll enjoy this next opportunity to connect with us from wherever you are over the holidays!

With the Pageant behind us, many of us are looking forward to Christmas plans and winter break. While some families will be able to join us on Christmas Day and New Years Day, I know many of you will be traveling and spending time with family. As we head into this brief time of sabbatical when many of our families are away, Zachary and I decided this would be a great time to invite all of Advent's families into a "season of listening."

Here's how it works. In a season of listening, your aim is to be listening in everything that you do. Even speaking is seen only as a means of inciting a response to listen to. What would you notice if you really listened during everything you did throughout your day? Join us and find out!

We'd like to try this with you over the next three weeks, and share what we all notice as we listen more intentionally. Use this form to share what you notice during this "season of listening" as often as you like, and then view the responses other people have left so far. If you really want to get into sharing your own observations and hearing from others, you can even bookmark the response form.

So enjoy your trips, breaks, family time, and this "season of listening," and we look forward to seeing you whenever you can make it to Advent next. One special upcoming opportunity to join us is described below.


Sunday, January 8: Three Kings Celebration
Come join us for our Three Kings Celebration at 12pm Sunday, January 8! This is an awesome opportunity for our English-worshiping families and Spanish-worshiping families to celebrate part of the Christmas story together, so come take part.

The Three Kings Celebration is a tradition in many Latino cultures. Here at Advent, it includes a big potluck lunch for all, a piñata filled with candy for the kids, a special cake, the singing of traditional songs, and a visit from the three kings (yes, we've got the costumes). It's going to be a lot of fun! Join us!
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