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"Simply Sexy Sweat & Stretch"replaces  "Rock n' Roll Pilates Burn" 8:30 pm class  is canceled for December

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8:30 pm class  
is canceled for December 

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Dear Gillian,

I'm looking back at 2014. I'm waxing nostalgic. It's been a beautiful and blessed year. I'm grateful for everything that has transpired--the love, the friendships, even the difficult stuff, as I know all of it has helped me stretch and grow and become a better woman.
I like to count my blessings at this time of year. It helps me offset the stressy dark matter I feel in my chest and gut when I consider how time seems to be speeding up, that all I want to do is love and be loved, while I continue to grow older and more stiff, and that there's so much still to get done before the holidays.
One of my sweetest blessings and my greatest accomplishments of 2014 and of my life so far, is SWERVE. My beloved best friend, Teigh Mc Donough Gilson, and I set out to create our own fitness dance and yoga studio over thirteen years ago and I think of how our youthful ambition, enthusiasm, confidence in our work and faith in ourselves motivated us to make our shared dream into a reality. I think of how times have changed and how SWERVE has continued to thrive. I've come to know that SWERVE is made up of the people who spend time within its walls and upon its floors. We're a community and we make our work and workouts into a joy and a grown up playground of sorts. We look forward to going to SWERVE, even though we know we'll take part in something that will push our physical limits and challenge our perspectives. We work hard at SWERVE and we always leave feeling a little healthier, hungrier, happier, more beautiful, more accomplished, sexier, relaxed and serene.
With all that's come to pass in our world in the last year, and with all of life's pressures, it's a relief to know that SWERVE is here for us as a venue in which to work on ourselves. At SWERVE you can let down your guard, step into a new way of being in your body, get sweaty and break through. At the end of your work here, serenity is just one your many rewards. The staff and I invite you in. We welcome you back again and again to stretch and grow into the next incarnation of your best self. Happy 2014! May you have serenity within and may we create, with our own hearts and hands, peace on our Beloved Mother Earth, or as my Dad, Rudy would say, "In Terra Pax." 
Gillian Alexandria Clark
w/ Teigh Glison
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