Weekly Connection - February 8, 2018​
Sunday, February 11, 2018

Worship 8:30am & 10:45am
Education 9:30am
Sixth Sunday after Epiphany

Who did this? A question every parent is familiar with—especially if you have more than one child. Who broke this thing/made this mess/ate this whole box of cookies/drew on the new couch with a marker?? Fill in the blank… Bottom line, we want a REASON, and more to the point, a culprit. Someone to blame, and someone who can pay the price for whatever damage has been done.

I’ll tell you a funny story sometime about how I (unintentionally) got one child to fess up by punishing the other. It was an epic parenting moment, and also a total accident. But meanwhile… I’m thinking about the text for Sunday. There’s a man who’s been blind since birth, a man who comes to be healed by Jesus. The qualifier “from birth” tells us he is blind, not by accident or injury, but due to some preexisting condition. The cultural implication there, in Jesus’ world is simple: sin. SOMEbody, somewhere, must have done something really, really terrible to have brought about this suffering. Was the guy just born bad? Or was it his parents’ sin?

Bottom line… who did this? Whose fault is it? Who is to blame, and who’s going to pay the price?

Of course, it was nobody’s “fault” that this man was born with a disability. Sometimes, bad things really do happen to good people. There’s not always a reason. But that cultural assumption of sin, as archaic as it seems, still rings true today, doesn’t it? Many folks still seem to think that if you are “living right,” only good things will happen to you. God rewards faithfulness with treasure, and punishes sin with hard times. Good luck out there!

Call it a misguided prosperity gospel or just bad theology, but… it’s high time we got over this way of seeing God and the world. Terrible things happen sometimes. Really wonderful things happen, too. But we do not serve a crime and punishment God; nor do we serve a God who rewards good deeds with yachts and positions of power. It would be easy to order the world if things worked like that but… well, we’re just going to have to dig a little deeper.

Maybe the question is not “why is this man blind,” or even “can Jesus make him see?” Maybe the real question is, can WE see God at work in the world around us? And how much farther can we see-- how much more good can we do—once we stop looking for easy answers?

Peace, Erin

Here is a LINK to last week’s sermon.
This Sunday​​​​​​​
9:30am    Adult Education, Friends Hall
                Adult Choir Rehearsal, Sanctuary
                Thoughtful Parents, Room 102
                Youth & Children's Sunday School, 2nd Level & Basement Level Classrooms
12pm       Mission Committee Meeting, Room 202/203
3pm         8th Grade & SAY Leadership Team, Youth Room
4pm         Angels, Room 204
                Youth Group, Friends Hall 
This Week at Saint Andrew
Feb 8        Wise Women, 7pm, Friends Hall
Feb 9        Wacky Winter Olympics, 6:30pm, Friends Hall
Feb 12      Ladies Night Out, 7pm, Spin Pizza, Olathe
Feb 13      Fat Tuesday Pancake Dinner, 5pm, Friends Hall
                 Bible Study, 7pm, Room 202/203
Feb 14     "Come and Go" Ashes, Sanctuary, 12-1pm
                 Ash Wednesday Service, 7pm
See the full Calendar
Joys & Concerns
We ask God's blessing and comfort for those struggling with health issues and life's other difficulties.  We pray for the Marksbury & Page families - John Marksbury's mother, Wyona,  and Rick Page's father, Marvin, both passed away last week.  Joe NIcholas' father has gone in to hospice care.

There is a saying, "If you want something done, ask someone who is busy."  Certainly we have a lot of busy people at Saint Andrew, and lots of work is done.  I want to take time to thank some groups who are not often mentioned.  We have a group, organized by Bill Swaney, who take turns making coffee on Sunday mornings.  The regulars are Bill, Linda and Barry Shade, Jean Cooper, Marcia Manter, and myself.  We have a group who take turns washing coffee mugs/coffee pots,and cleaning up the kitchen every Sunday.  This group includes: Kim Miles, Yvonne Huff, Stevie Morris, Pat Neubauer, Jody Gyulay, Shari Tedford, Bernadette Kautio, Debra Johnson, Jerry Daugherty, Sara Kurtz, and Hatsie Mallicoat.  Take time to thanks these people.  

I want to thank some people who have volunteered to bake birthday cakes and deliver them to Crittenton Children's Center to make some young people very happy on their birthday.  Those who have delivered cakes in the past year include: Pat Russell, Patti Regan, Paula Brunner (Patti's sister), Dawn Olney, Lois Penn, Stacy Kearney, Sara Kurtz, Jody Gyulay, and Wendy Mueller.  The teens get to specify the kind of cake they want, and the bakers include a birthday card signed "From your friends at Saint Andrew Church."   

--Anita Gordon-Gilmore, Church Life Chairperson & Cake Crew organizer
Upcoming Events
Wacky Winter Olympics – a Friends & Family Event for All Ages!
Friday, February 9
Opening Ceremony 6:30pm, Closing Ceremony 8:30pm
Join us for crazy fun games, a parade of flags, a photo booth, a “cool” snack, and more! Bring new white socks to donate to the homeless – the more you bring the better your chances in one of the games!  Pick up your FREE tickets in the Hearth Room – and invite your friends! Please rsvp.

Fat Tuesday Pancake Dinner
February 13
5 - 7pm, Friends Hall
Celebrate with us at this annual pancake feast prepared by the Saint Andrew men! Enjoy tasty pancakes (and more), along with live music from Darin Seidel, and games and crafts for the kids. Please sign up in the Hearth Room or RSVP for planning purposes.

Inter-generational Book Discussion
February 18
2pm, Youth Room
Starting in January, we are offering an Inter-generational Book Discussion.  We are promoting this book  It Ain't so Awful, Falafel  by Firoozeh Dumas with the youth, and we are also inviting the  congregation to read this with the youth.  Our plan is to meet in the Youth Rooml to discuss this book on Sunday, February 18 at 2:00 p.m.  

It Ain't so Awful Falafel is a realistic fiction book (somewhat autobiographical) about the Iran Hostage situation in the late 1970s.  In the book Cindy (her real name is Zomorod), moves to the United States with her mother and father for her father's job.  At first, things in America are okay.  But then, her home country of Iran is in the news for taking American hostages, and that is when things change for Cindy.  She is bullied, threatened, excluded.  Will Cindy's family have to go back to Iran -- a country that has changed so much since they left?  Or will they be able to live in an America that discriminates against iranian refugees? 

This book is funny, serious, and a great way to learn more about the Iranian Hostage situation from an Iranian's point of view.  We hope that you'll pick up a copy and read this book with the youth.  We'll see you on February 18.

Please let Crysta Baier know if you are interested.  cnbaier@gmail.com.

The Awakening of Hope
Tuesday Nights during Lent:  6pm - 7:30pm
February 20, 27, March 6, 13, 20
On Tuesday evenings in Lent, we’ll gather for a light meal, some songs, separate “study” activities for children and adults, and a short closing worship – we’ll plan to be done by 7:30pm.  Our first week, the 20th, we will meet in the Sanctuary because SACC is hosting IHN families that week.  All remaining weeks we will meet in Friends Hall.

This year’s study will encourage each of us to think about why we do the things we do as people of faith and how doing those things are a source of hope for us and for the world around us.  Lenten stories and activities for children will be provided during the adult study.

All ages are invited to attend!

We’ll share in bringing soups, breads and desserts -- look for a sign-up sheet in the Hearth Room beginning on Sunday, February 4. Or RSVP@SACChome.org 
Children & Youth Ministries
Feb 9           Wacky Winter Olympics, 6:30 - 8:30pm, Friends Hall
Feb 11         Sunday School, 9:30am, Second Level Classrooms
                    Angels, 4pm, Room 204
Feb 18         Sunday School, 9:30am, Second Level Classrooms
Feb 9         Wacky Winter Olympics, 6:30 - 8:30pm, Friends Hall
Feb 11       Sunday School, 9:30am, Basement Level Classrooms
                  Youth Group, 4pm, Friends Hall
Feb 18       Service Project & Lunch, 12pm, meeting in Room 202/203
                  Youth Group Lock In, 9pm - 7:30am, Emerald City

Thoughtful Parents
9:30am, Room 102
Thoughtful Parents is a group of parents, grandparents, and others who gather on Sunday mornings for support, discussion, and sharing of joys and concerns.  Sometimes we have a guest speaker, sometimes we simply share a topic or article of interest.  

Saint Andrew Angels (3rd, 4th, 5th grade youth group)
February Calendar
The Angels focus on having fun and making a difference in our community! Mark your calendars for these upcoming activities:
February 11 – 4-6pm in room 204, staff appreciation project
February 25 – 4-6pm in room 204, College Care Packages
Contact Tracie Yoder, 3yoders@sbcglobal.net, or Val Webb, val0843@yahoo.com for more information.

Pastor's Class
Pastor's Class is our baptism and confirmation class designed for 5th through 8th graders. We explore what it means to be a Christian, to belong to God, and to be a member of the Christian community. If your child has not been baptized, or was baptized as an infant, this class, in which they are paired with a mentor from our congregation, will give them the opportunity to consider their beliefs, doubts, questions, and passions. Baptisms and confirmations will take place on Sunday, June 3. Classes start in April on Wednesday evenings, but we need early registrations so we can begin our planning and recruitment of mentors. Please contact Rev. Denise Dugan if you have questions or to register for the class.

Tall Oaks Summer Camp
The Tall Oaks summer camp discount deadline has changed – it is APRIL 1 this year! Don’t be caught off guard – that’s almost a whole month earlier than usual. Check out this link for camp dates. Tall Oaks is not yet accepting registrations.  Once registration is open, you will be given a special SACC code to receive the 50% scholarship offered by Saint Andrew.

Vacation Bible School Dates

Mark your calendars for June 18-22, 9am to noon.  VBS is for preschool through 5th grade children, and we’ll need 6th through 12th graders and adults to sign up to work in activity sites or as group leaders. This year’s theme is Rolling River Rampage: Experience the Ride of a Lifetime with God!  

Women's Ministries
Ladies Night Out
February 12
7pm, Spin Pizza, Olathe

Wise Women (Men are Welcome!)
February 8
7pm, Friends Hall
February is usually seen as the "month of love", complete with hearts, chocolates, flowers and sentimental cards.  It is also the month for "Heart Health".  On Thursday, Feb. 8th, Wise Women will be presenting a program called HEARTSAFE Hands-Only CPR & AED.This program will showcase a 40 minute presentation on cardiac issues, how to perform Hands-Only CPR, and how to use an AED. It will then allow participants the ability to practice their hands-on skills on manikins, if desired.

This demonstration will include the File of Life program.  Free File of Life magnets will be handed out to participants to take home. These magnets utilize a pouch to place important medical information to be available to friends, family and emergency providers, should you not be able to do so. Alyson Angell, NREMT, Community Education Specialist with JOCO Med-Act will present the program.

Please join us for an educational evening.  Wise Women is a group for women of all ages and friends are always invited. For questions or comments, please contact Rejane Henn at 816-587-1015 or Bernadette Kautio at 913-244-0515.

Women's Retreat
Save the date!  Our annual women's retreat will be May 4 - 5 at Tall Oaks Conference Center.  Brochures will be available soon.  Planning Team Chair is Lois Penn.
SAGE (Saint Andrew Group for Ecology)​​
SAGE gratefully accepts your donations of bird seed or cash to purchase bird seed.  Cash donations can be placed in the birdhouse located in the Hearth Room or in the offering basket marked "bird seed."  Bags of bird seed can be placed in the marked space in Friends Hall.​​​​​​​
Mission & Outreach
The Saint Andrew Mission Team resolves to seek God, create community and practice justice by actively promoting congregational engagement in the community, both locally and globally.  Here is a current Mission Committee Update.

IHN Hosting
February 18 - 25
Saint Andrew will host IHN families February 18 - 25.  We will have many volunteer slots to fill for trained and untrained volunteers.  We will send out an email next with a link to sign up or you can contact Jodi Dinkins or Stevie Morris to learn more and/or sign up.

Hand of Welcome Donation Drive—Help Welcome Newly Arriving Refugees
Catholic Charities will resettle 150 refugees in Kansas City during 2018.  Before each family arrives, volunteers set up an apartment with basic supplies to help establish the new arrivals.  Saint Andrew is collecting new and gently used donations to help with apartment set up.  Please bring your donations to Friends Hall by February 25th.  Your donations make a difference in welcoming Kansas City’s newest residents.
Donations needed (new or gently used):

Bed Linens—sheets, blankets or comforters (twin or double size)

Pillows (new, standard size only)

Alarm Clocks


Food Storage Containers


House of Abraham
House of Abraham can use volunteers almost any day, Tuesday through Saturday, 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM.  (mornings preferred for half day volunteers)  Potential volunteers can go to the following web site to sign up and see how many needed each day.

Volunteer Opportunities 
Catholic Charities’ Refugee Resettlement program uses volunteers in many capacities to support refugees as they make Kansas City their new home.  If you are interested in helping, look through this list of volunteer needs and contact Judi Barkema to get connected with the programs that interest you the most.
From the Church Office
We are now using a Google Drive site to provide Saint Andrew members with monthly financial reports, Leadership Circle minutes, current directory, and access to other important SACC documents.  If you would like access to these documents, please email Debbi@sacchome.org.

If you would like to have your financial donation to SACC processed monthly from your bank account or a credit card as automatic payments to SACC, please submit this form to Debbi Adams, Church Administrator.​
13890 W. 127th Street Olathe, KS 66062
Telephone: 913.764.5888  |  Fax: 913.764.4692  |  Email: office@sacchome.org