December 2018


Dear friends,


Happy holidays! I hope this semester has been a productive and rewarding one for you. It certainly has been for NPC as we've rolled out the new Be Bold program, gone to pilot with our refreshed "Something of Value" program, refreshed materials including the Recruitment Counselor Guide and most recently rolled out the new FS Central database.


You'll also read below about an upcoming significant change at NPC related to the structure and governance of our conference. I'll have much more to tell you about that in 2019! 

I also want you to know there's still time to register for College Panhellenic Academy, Jan. 25-26, 2019, in Indianapolis. If you've never been to academy or are not sure whether to attend this event, I encourage you to read the feature story on academy from our annual report that offers insight into the benefits for you, your College Panhellenic officers and your community:


Please also know the education track for fraternity/sorority advisors will only be offered at the standalone academy in Indianapolis. NPC also will offer College Panhellenic officer education for presidents, secretary/treasurers, recruitment and judicial.


For more information and to register, visit  

Note: NPC also will offer academy programming at AFLV Central and NGLARegistration for these academy experiences will be through each respective conference’s registration. 

Thank you for all you do for your Panhellenic community. If there is anything NPC can do to assist you, please let us know.



Frances Mitchelson

2017-19 NPC Panhellenics chairman


NPC Governance Structure to Change in 2019

During the 2018 annual meeting, the NPC Board of Directors voted to amend NPC’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. With that affirmative vote, effective July 1, 2019, NPC will transition to a new strategic governance structure with a seven-member board of directors and a 26-member Council of Delegates. In a historic shift, the chairmanship of NPC will no longer rotate through NPC member organizations according to order of admission to the Conference. The Council of Delegates will elect the chairman from the seven board members, five of which will be elected by the Council and two of which will rotate into board service based on the order in which their sororities were admitted to NPC.


We believe this change will allow us to better carry out the mission and work of NPC. And, it will enable us to be more nimble and innovative partners with campus administrators, campus professionals and the College and Alumnae Panhellenics we serve.


What will not change is our commitment to preserving and advancing the sorority experience.


Between now and July 1, NPC will continue to communicate with you about our governance structure change and the implications and benefits to you, your College Panhellenics and your campuses. If you have questions, please contact the NPC office.


FS Central is a one-stop hub for fraternal organizations, foundations, councils, colleges and universities, and housing corporations to input and access fraternity and sorority contacts and information. It is a collaboration between the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) and Foundation for Fraternal Excellence (FFE; previously known as the NIC Foundation).


We are pleased to partner together on FS Central and our goal is to make it easier to track and share information across the fraternity and sorority community.


The week before Thanksgiving, you should have received two emails from FS Central. The first email explained FS Central and included a link to the Quick Start Guide. The second email asked you to claim your individual account, or FSID. 


After claiming your individual account, you should be able to review College Panhellenic contacts for your institution, see the chapter listing, view previously uploaded documents and review profile information. See the Quick Start Guide for more information.


In the coming months, we will be making direct asks related to checking, providing or updating information in FS Central. Please stay tuned for more information.


Feature: 2018 Articles in Review (Selected)

S-C-H-O-L-A-R: Successful Collegians Honing Outstanding Literature and Research Skills


These roots of good scholarship are inescapably entwined with the academic mission of host institutions and the duty to ensure strong academic performance for fraternity/sorority members. So, the timeless question of “how do we accomplish this outcome” deserves focus, reflection and discussion. This article looks at four areas that impact the climate for Panhellenic academic success.

10 Tips for Working With Chapter Advisors From a Panhellenic Perspective


Recruiting and retaining quality chapter advisors is essential to a sorority community’s success. Regardless of your affiliation, much can be gained by
approaching relationship building from a panhellenic perspective. This article offers you 10 tips for working with and building relationships with chapter advisors.


The Power of One


Dennis Gillan is an international speaker on mental health issues with a focus on suicide prevention.


Read his seven tips for getting comfortable talking about mental health and fighting the stigma surrounding it.  

Old Problems, New Conversations


Lasting change often begins with having honest, often difficult conversations about a problem and how to resolve it. While this article focuses on only one difficult conversation (hazing), the approach discussed can be applied to finding solutions for a number of challenges on your campus.


NPC Financial Transparency Program Overview & Tools


NPC is committed to helping improve the retention rates of potential new members (PNMs), and we know financial expectations of membership are one of the areas that negatively impact chapter retention rates.


We believe one way to help increase retention rates is to increase PNMs’ financial knowledge about their potential membership responsibility – including during the recruitment process.


The NPC Financial Transparency Program aligns with values-based recruitment and is designed to ensure everyone involved in recruitment realizes the importance of financial education for the “lifetime investment” of the sorority experience.

College Panhellenic Trends and Statistics from NPC


Panhellenic excellence remains a high priority for NPC, and one of our objectives is to provide campus partners with Panhellenic knowledge. This article includes statistics that will enlighten you as to what an “average” College Panhellenic looks
like and what the overall trends were for the past year. It is our hope this data can assist you and your College Panhellenic as a benchmark in your work.


The data we are providing comes from the 456 College Panhellenic annual reports received by June 25, 2018; from Release Figure Methodology reports; additional data gathered by the RFM Team; and the NPC Extension Committee. 

MRABA Reminder & NPC Manual of
Information Update


Another reminder the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA) was updated this summer to improve readability and reduce confusion. Campuses with deferred recruitment starting in January must use the new MRABA form. The MRABA forms for primary recruitment, continuous open bidding and colonizations are available on the NPC website in the NPC Manual of Information.


In addition, a number of pieces of NPC legislation were passed at the NPC annual meeting in October. Click the button below this article to review the summary. A new NPC Manual of Information edition will be published in January and it will include these changes.