Farmily Staff and Alumni Newsletter
May/June 2016
What's been going on since you last heard from us?
 I can't believe summer is already here!  We are now up to 110 employees as of last count and we still have a handful of people due to arrive before the end of the month!   Veggies are being planted and transplanted in the field and we started Pick Your Own Strawberries this week, which is always a favorite among customers and staff.   Our customer counts reach over a 1000 a day and will probably up to about 1700 on our busiest days, so get ready for July 2nd and 3rd!    
On the 27th we'll have our 2nd annual Strawberry Festival which is a family friendly event and a great time to celebrate all things strawberry!  
We have over 20 countries represented on the Farm and with too many pictures to post of everyone, you can click here to find the Staff Directory.  
Who's your Strawberry?  Amy is ready for the Strawberry Festival! 
Know your Strawberry! 

June-bearing and Ever-bearing (or Day-neutral) strawberries. 
June-bearing strawberries are dependent on a specific photoperiod to initiate flowering –and fruiting – and Day-neutral (or Ever-bearing) strawberries do not depend on a certain amount of daylight hours in order to fruit, hence day-neutral.  June-bearing strawberries are so called because June is when the day length increases to initiate flower production.  We plant both types of strawberries because June-bearing strawberries have many more varieties to choose from and they are grown in the traditional matted-row system.  June-bearers can produce up to a quart of fruit per plant. The nice thing about June-bearing strawberries is that you get a lot all at once, best for making lots of jam.  We also grow day neutral strawberries because they essentially extend the period of time that we can harvest strawberries because they continue to produce once the June-bearing plants cease to flower.

The first to be picked this season are Earliglow. 
"Wonderful strawberry flavor" is Earliglows's trademark.  This variety produces fruit that has a firm, glossy skin, firm flesh, and medium size. Its sweet flavor makes the variety excellent for fresh eating and freezing. Fruit size tends to decrease as the season progresses. Earliglow plants are very vigorous.  This variety has Recommended for beginning growers.
Early to mid-season varieties: 
Cavendish strawberry, which originates in Nova Scotia, is the result of a cross between two varieties known for their winter hardiness and attractive, large fruit. It produces high yields that ripen over a long growing season. Excellent flavor and overall quality of the fruit makes this variety a good choice for commercial and home use.

Honeoye strawberry plant is from the Cornell Research Station, Geneva, NY, and has been a top variety for over 20 years. It combines winter hardiness, high productivity, good appearance and color, together with an excellent, firm, large-sized berry. The large berries are easy to pick, and produce high yields over a long fruiting season, making it a consistent berry producer. Home gardeners will also appreciate its excellent freezing quality. Optimum flavor is produced by growing this variety in medium to light soil. Honeoye is a vigorous plant with no soil-disease resistance.  
Mid season: Varieties

Allstar strawberry produces a good crop of large, light-colored, sweet berries. Glossy, firm fruit makes this variety excellent for fresh eating. This widely adapted variety has performed consistently well from the East to central Midwest. 


Jewel strawberries perform well over a wide range of growing conditions.  Jewel has large berries with superb quality, flavor and consistent performance. Plants have moderate winter hardiness. 

Late Mid-Season

Cabot strawberry is known for its huge berries, excellent flavor, winter hardiness and disease resistance. It is by far the best-tasting big berry ever!  Cabot is best adapted for northern locations and where very large fruit size is required. The berries have excellent flavor; color and firmness are good. First fruits may split or be rough. Plants are vigorous, Cabot is recommended for direct marketing growers. 

Ever-bearing or Day-neutral strawberries

Seascape was released by the University of California breeding program in 1992. This day-neutral has been highly successful for north eastern growers for summer and fall production.  The plants have the potential to be the most productive of any day-neutral.  The berries are large, firm and have good flavor when picked ripe from the plant.

Now is the time of year when ticks are very active.  If you are new to Nantucket and ticks in general, there are a few things you should know!   Ticks can carry diseases, the most prevalent is Lyme Disease which can become chronic if not treated.  They be very tiny and hard to spot.  One of the most common ways to detect Lyme Disease is that often a "bullseye" rash will appear near the site of the tick bite, but it can actually appear months later or elsewhere on the body.   Often, you might not know you were bitten, until the bullseye appears.  If you have a bullseye, you should see a doctor and get a prescription for Antibiotics.  Here are come good sites with more information about Ticks.  Educate yourself! 10 things everyone should know about ticks. and Tick Safety 101
Season Kick off Pizza Party!! 
We had a beautiful night for our kick-off party and everyone seemed to have fun with the scavenger hunt and getting to meet some new people.   We have a fantastic crew this year and are looking forward to a spectacular summer! 

We are over the moon to announce the arrival of our newest and youngest Farmily Members!
Farmily alumni Kayla Spano and Will Sinnott welcomed Charlie Joseph into the world on May 10th.  We hope they'll make to back to Nantucket to visit us soon! 
 There will be 2 more Farm boys soon to come as Andrew &  Addie Spollett and Neil & Jen Hudson each expecting baby boys this fall/winter!  

The Farmily just keeps growing! 
There's a whole Island out there.....
It is now June, almost July which means the farm and the island will be getting a lot busier! This also means that there will be lots of fun cool activities and events happening that you should check out!
Starting on June 22nd and running til the 27th is the Nantucket Film Festival. Experience preview showings of films from feature movies to documentaries. 
To keep up to date on current events and activities, here are a few websites worth keeping in mind! (Click on the blue links, if that wasn't obvious)
The Inquirer & Mirror Events Calendar
I get a lot of my Island news by subscribing to Mahon About Town's newsletter.  It comes out a couple of times a week and is a great way to find out about special events and island happenings, weekend events and even what's showing at the movies! 
More good stuff coming up around the Farm! 
June 27th, Monday- Strawberry Festival!! See Amy for volunteer opportunites (you'll get paid, too if not already on the schedule in your dept) 
July 8-10  Nantucket Yoga Festival here at the Farm
July 23 – Farm to Table Dinner 
August 13 -Boston Pops
August 20 - Nantucket Boys and Girls Club Summer Groove at the Boys & Girls Club

On August 13th, the Boston Pops come to Nantucket for an amazing concert at Jetties Beach.  You may think "orchestra music...meh" but these concerts really rock out, plus it's a huge beach party with thousands of people! How fun is that?  This year the guest is Kenny Loggins so you can expect to hear some Footloose.  In addition, the fireworks at the end of the show are better than the 4th of July and you get to see them paired with Patriot music and lots of glow sticks.  Tickets are $50, but unless you get there very early, you'll likely be sitting at the water's edge. 
A great way to see the concert for free (and not be stuck in the water at high tide) is to Volunteer.  They need 400 volunteers at each summer’s Boston Pops on Nantucket! If you’re interested in getting involved (plus a free ticket and concert t-shirt) register online today.  It's great fun to do with a bunch of friends and it supports our only healthcare facility on island. 

 Photo Contest!!
Get out your cameras and send us your pictures!
We know our employees are creative and take great photos, and we want you to share!
If you have taken any fun, cool or artistic photos of Staff, the Farm, the Island or the Sunset, please send them to with the subject line
"Photo Contest". If you have several photos, please send them only one or 2 at a time if they are large. You may also use Dropbox.
A panel will judge the top 3 pictures in each category and prizes will be awarded at the End-of-Summer Party and will be seen at the slide show at the same event. They may also be used at the registers, in the Farm Dirt and Facebook if appropriate. Photo credits given where possible. We love to see the Farm through your lens! Send pictures by August 10th. 
Keep sending your travel pics-   
(or letting me steal them from Facebook!)
​especially showing off your Bartlett's gear!
Let us know what you are up to!  Pictures, articles and updates are always welcome from current and alumni Farmily members.  Email