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Be sure to utilize Georgia MLS as part of your daily business routine so you don't miss out on available listings! In the current real estate marketplace the trend across the state is low inventory. Currently GAMLS has over 48,000+ listings. GAMLS is the service with the greatest amount of listings available to our members and the largest available possibilities for your clients!  
Let the Truth Be Known
Debunking the Myth that Georgia MLS
is Just a "South of I-20 MLS"
While it is true that Georgia MLS is the predominant MLS South of I-20, a more accurate statement is that Georgia MLS covers all of Metro Atlanta and is the predominant MLS across the state. For many years there was a false perception that GAMLS did not have any meaningful coverage North of I-20. Currently not only does Georgia MLS have extensive coverage across the northern arc, we have unparalleled coverage ranging from the North Georgia mountains, down through central Georgia, and along the Georgia Coast. Let’s take a look by the numbers and debunk the old perception.
21,687 subscribers or 65.9% of our 32,918 total membership base reside North of I-20
73,568  or 67.8% listings sold in 2016 were North of I-20
13,415 or 64.5% of listings sold in 2017 are North of I-20
1,361 offices reside North of I-20
29,000+ Active listings out of 48,500+ listings are North of I-20
Still not convinced?  Click here for a State map of Georgia MLS membership. 
In the Spotlight
CRS Tax Suite Data Currency 
Georgia MLS provides our members with 159 counties of property information through our public records platform, CRS Tax Suite. A clear distinction between CRS Data and other public record providers is the timeliness of the updates to each county tax roll. Whether a property was sold inside or outside of the MLS, CRS Data gathers the most recent changes made at the county assessor's office and updates the information into the Tax Suite on a monthly basis.

Find out how to check on the currency of public records > 
Facebook Ads via Homesnap Pro
A new feature on our mobile app Homesnap Pro is the ability for members to create unique Facebook video ads to gain exposure for their listings and further enhance their company and personal brand.  An analytic review of our consumer portal shows that 30% of GAMLS provided leads come from Facebook.  Studies also show the average person checks their Facebook News Feed 14 times per day. So do you need another marketing tool to sell your client’s home and find potential new clients ? Portion a part of your marketing budget and utilize this unique feature in Homesnap Pro. 

Lead Generation in GAMLS -
Georgia MLS allows you to syndicate your listings to hundreds of consumer websites using ListHub. When a listing is entered into our service it is also automatically published to our own consumer facing website at This gives the local market the most timely and accurate listing data outside of the MLS. Let's take a look at how can help you connect to buyers...READ MORE > 
Education Highlights
Broker Pre-License Course: Take the next step in your career by taking the Broker Pre-License course offered by the Georgia MLS Training Institute. This online course allows you to complete the curriculum at your own convenience and is offered for just $245! As an added benefit Georgia MLS will reimburse the cost of this course through reduced initiation fees if you join the MLS as a qualifying broker within 6 months following the completion of the program.  Additional information can be found here.

Building a CMA Using Paragon: The GAMLS Training Institute has added a NEW 3-Hour CE class on how to build a Comparable Market Analysis within our Paragon MLS system. Learn the workflow on how to complete a CMA using comparable homes within the same market area to produce the best valuation on a subject property. Strengthen your CMA skills through this course so as to ensure that your clients are getting the most accurate  market valuation for their home. Click here to login and access the Technical Classes available from the GAMLS Training Institute.

Creating an email drip in Paragon: To keep your clients up to date on the newest listings and status changes for current listings, make sure to utilize the email drip functionality in Paragon. Consider the Contact section your online rolodex that automatically keeps your clients connected to system activity. . . READ MORE >

Save Time by Creating Transaction Templates in Transaction Desk: Creating transaction templates in our Transaction Desk contract management system will save you steps in accessing the common documents you need for your transactions . . READ MORE >

Roster Management:  The most efficient and timely way of adding or removing members from your company roster is by utilizing our online roster management tool . . .
The Compliance Corner:
Restatements of Status Change Policy
Data Integrity: The integrity of Georgia MLS data might very well be the cornerstone to an orderly real estate market. The Data Administration department’s primary function is to ensure that our data is as accurate as possible so as to ensure that all of our members have access to the most current and timely real estate listing information.  The number 1 complaint received by the Data Administration is > 

Watch our 2-part Webinar Wednesday video on Compliance, with Georgia MLS’ Data Administration representative - Jorge Garcia! With the help of our Webinar Wednesday host, Greg Epps, Jorge answers common compliance questions and provides a walk-through of how to properly maintain your listings in the Paragon MLS system! Join us for future Webinars every Wednesday at 2 PM!
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