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Drawing: Monday, April 22, 2019
Idaho Gives 2019
Thursday, May 2, 2019

Henry's Fork Days XXXV

June 22, 2019

What You Might Have Missed in HFF News

Island Park Reservoir Nearly Full

This Year’s Winter Flow Highest Since 2012

Former HFF Intern Begins PhD Research

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Another Good Water Year in Store 


Snowpack across the watershed is again above average, and summertime streamflow is predicted to be 105% of average. Even better, this year’s snowpack is strongest in the upper Henry’s Fork subwatershed, and inflow to Island Park Reservoir is predicted to be higher than in any year since 2011. The net result will be a third consecutive year of good reservoir carryover and winter flow.

Read Rob's full report here.

To receive Rob’s daily water-supply reports, email him at rob@henrysfork.org.

Idaho Gives 2019 is Around the Corner


Our 2019 Idaho Gives goal is to raise $30,000 toward our Farms and Fish Program. While wild trout and agriculture might not seem like a natural pair, bridging local irrigators and the Henry’s Fork fishery can bring benefits to water resources and the health of the river at a more significant scale than ever before. HFF, Friends of the Teton River, Trout Unlimited, and The Nature Conservancy are working with major agricultural producers and landowners in our area to reducing irrigation demand and keep water in Island Park Reservoir.

Every donation made to the Henry’s Fork Foundation will be matched dollar for dollar by generous members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, up to $15,000! 


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Gearing Up for Henry's Fork Days XXXV


Ora Bridge Construction and HFF Water Quality Monitoring

Now that construction is scheduled to begin, HFF installed a water quality monitoring device (sonde) above the bridge to complement the existing sonde below the bridge, allowing us to monitor changes in water quality due to bridge construction. HFF will also conduct weekly water sampling at Ora Bridge to measure suspended sediment and validate our interpretation of turbidity values recorded by the sondes every 15 minutes. 

NOTE:  Existing parking and access will NOT be impacted during construction. Water quality and aquatic insect populations will be monitored before, during, and after construction, including daily site visits beginning in June.
Fremont County arranged for the construction of a new parking area and access road (in blue) so that public access to the river would not be disrupted at any point during construction. Photo courtesy of Fremont County.

Learn more here.

What You Might Have Missed - Special Highlight

35th Anniversary - Lessons Learned
Science is the backbone of our work here at the Henry's Fork Foundation. So, in honor of our 35th Anniversary, HFF has been sharing weekly highlights of the key lessons we've learned about subjects from Ranch habitat and fish passage to hydrology and aquatic insects. Parts 1 - 6 are now available to view online here.

Here is a preview of Part 4:  Hydrology.
Deep aquifers on the Yellowstone Plateau are the primary source of streamflow in the upper Henry’s Fork subwatershed (i.e., the watershed upstream of Ashton). Due to the thickness (up to 1,000 feet) and geology of the aquifer, it takes 50-100 years for an individual water molecule to make its way through the aquifer and emerge at the springs.

1. Response time of flow at Big Springs to precipitation on the Yellowstone Plateau, however, is about 3 years. This response is due to the pressure of snowmelt entering the aquifer at the top and pushing water that’s already in the aquifer out the bottom at the springs.

2. That is why streamflow in the upper Henry’s Fork this year depends on the snowpack over the last three years.

3. For example, after four years of drought from 2013-2016 we had a good water year (2017), but flows out of Big Springs did not “bounce back” that same year. In 2019, after three good water years, we will see flows from Big Springs return to average.

Read more here

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The Henry's Fork Community Mourns the Passing of Al Knight

Al Knight in center, front row. Photo from The Columns, Washington & Lee University

Al Knight passed away suddenly on March 26, 2019. He was a true friend to conservation and this watershed. Al established the A. Paul Knight Internship Program in Conservation, now in its 31st year, in honor of his late son. Thanks to Al, this program has provided internships to over 130 students, a majority taking place in Henry's Fork country. HFF has been lucky enough to host many of these students, including a few that returned to start a business and serve on the HFF Board of Directors.

Read more here.

Join HFF in Montana, Brazil, and Argentina
Those who have taken trips hosted by HFF have enjoyed spending a week with others who share a love for the Henry's Fork.  The camaraderie shared and connections made will last a lifetime.  You'll spend time with HFF's leadership including board members and staff.  What better way to connect with the Henry's Fork than to get to know those who work tirelessly to protect it.

HFF has also worked with each destination lodge to ensure that a percentage of each trip is donated back to the Foundation.  You are not only build lasting relationships with those on the trip, but you are also directly giving back to the Foundation.

Thank You for Making Boise Successful


Our Boise event was a record breaking success! It was a wonderful evening with friends coming together to support a great cause. Thank you to our Boise co- chairs, Paul Schmidt and Jerry Nielsen and planning committee for making the event happen.  A special thanks to keynote speaker, Lonnie Allen who captured the audience with her experiences and memories of fishing. With great attendance, exciting live and silent auction, and a heartfelt keynote speaker, it was a night to remember!