January/February 2017
Exciting News!
This has been a hard secret to keep but we are finally ready and very excited to announce our partnership with award-winning trainer and instructor, Steve Lantvit! Beginning tomorrow, February 2nd, new episodes of Steve Lantvit's RFD-TV show Sure in the Saddle will contain a brand new segment called "The Horseman's Minute" featuring training tips and advice aboard the Equicizer. This is an exciting opportunity for us and we hope you'll tune in (or set your DVR) to support not only the Equicizer, but Steve and his wife Jenn Lantvit as well, who are dear friends and supporters. We always love feedback, so make sure you watch and give us a shout!

Sure in the Saddle airs at 3pm & 11pm EST Thursday's on RFD-TV.

Stay tuned for upcoming events where we'll be teaming up with Steve in the near future. Learn more about Steve Lantvit and where you can see him next at his website -and stay up to date by "liking" the Steve Lantvit Horsemanship Facebook Page!

Steve is located in LaPorte, Indiana where he provides training, instruction and conducts clinics year round, both at his own facility, Highgrove Farm, and around the country. Steve holds multiple World Champion & Reserve titles in Ranch Horse competitions. He believes in training versatile, well-rounded, capable horses and riders through confidence, mutual respect, and solid communication. He promotes versatility through cross-training and a variety of experiences to improve both performance and attitude in the show pen or out on the trail.
Social Media Share of the Month
This adorable picture was shared with us by our partners at US Pony Racing! This aspiring jockey is fine tuning that racing form on "Sparky" the US Pony Racing Equicizer! That smile says it all!
Photo used with permission. Property of Emily Ballenger Photography.
In Your Words
The following review was left in reference to the Equicizer Classic model:

"I purchased “Libby” as a teaching tool as an “old” Centered Riding teacher and Tellington Touch practitioner. Before launching into use for students I wanted to give myself plenty of time to have the learning curve and get myself in shape. Well….she has done that for sure. I have been in a monitored ketosis with a nurse and have had my fat, lean muscle and weight monitored regularly. To my surprise my lean muscle mass has risen dramatically in only a couple weeks “riding” every day on Libby. The nurse took a second measurement to make sure and was curious since I was instructed not to do strenuous exercise during this process. Of course the questions and giggles ensued after I explained who Libby was. Certainly not what I expected when I ordered this product - was never my intention to use her as my personal trainer but am truly impressed at the quality of product, the movement she mimics and of course the end result in fitness. Can’t wait to get back to teaching and using Libby as a lesson horse. And no **** to clean up!!! Not sure it gets any better!!"

Thanks, Amy! See more at our store. Own an Equicizer? Please consider leaving your review. It may even be featured in a newsletter!!
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