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January 25, 2012

Winter Hours are 10-6 Monday through Saturday

Farm Talk
Saturday, January 28 10am in the Hayloft

Personal Photo Organizer, Susan Baracchini, will share easy tips on organizing your photographs, safely storing them and preserving old photos and slides. Learn how to make great gifts using your photographs.

In case you missed Maya's talk last Saturday, here's a link to the
cleaning product recipes she shared.

Your first reaction to seeing this word might be 'BLECH!' But it needn't be! The turnips we grow at Bartlett's are probably NOT the same turnips of your childhood (unless you grew up on Nantucket, eating Bartlett's turnips!)
This large all-white turnip has a much milder flavor than the purple-top turnip commonly found in grocery stores. It is an heirloom vegetable, and is in fact featured in one of the very few historic markers for a vegetable, on Main Road in Westport, Massachusetts. This turnip has been grown for decades here, and was a perennial favorite of Madaket Millie who would order a few bushels from us each fall.
So how do you prepare them?
Farmer John prefers them roasted. He peels them, cuts them into chunks and roasts them with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.
The roasting enhances the natural sweetness!
Chef Neil has created a Turnip Slaw that we offer at the kitchen counter.
Click here for the recipe!
You can find these turnips in the produce case in the market!
Did You Know...
...we are now making our own croissants, Danishes, and baguettes?
Breakfast Treats

...Friday night is Rotisserie Chicken Night and Tuesday is Prime Rib night? A whole Bell and Evans rotisserie chicken and two sides is $14.99, the prime rib is $15.99 per pound, and both include two sides!

...we have free wifi...and a great place to sit and enjoy your coffee or
meet some friends for lunch?

...we randomly offer rewards for Friends of the Farm? Watch for special email blasts and on Facebook for more fun giveaways for Friends of the Farm!

...the first crops of spinach, arugula and mesclun are peeking through the soil this week? Watch here to find out when they will be ready!

...we are carrying Burt's Bees new products called güd?
Look for them in the market.

Upcoming Farm Events

February 3: First Friday Dinner. SOLD OUT!

February 4: Farm Talk at 10 AM.
Valentine's Day means SWEETS!
Our hopeless romantic baker, Devon Francis, will show you how to make some creative and delicious baked goods for this most delicious holiday.

February 11: 10-11am in the Hayloft. Make Valentines Cards! Leave the mess at home! We'll provide the supplies, and your child can bring the imagination to make valentines cards for classmates and family. Melanie Hajjar, of Cosmic Creations and Seafari Girls will be here to provide inspiration and tips for
creative card making. $5 per child.
Register on-line at our website.

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