While we cannot be together during this time,
we hope you will join us in worship from wherever you are. 
Below are some suggestions to help you craft your time.

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Find a Space
Find a quiet space or a place to be present together with your family.
Bob Guffey
The Servant Song (YouTube)
You are encouraged to have your own prayer list with you during this time.
As you read, there will be two moments that encourage you to pause
and name your own prayers of praise or prayers or concern.

Stephanie Van Leeuwen
 Hymn No. 337 (document)
Responding to God's Goodness

Sharing Our Gifts (online giving link)

Other Ways to Help (linked to below)

Stephanie Van Leeuwen
Reading the Scripture
John 9:1-41 (audio)
Jodi Litten Townsend
Choral Meditation
Bob Guffey

Questions for Reflection

As a child or teenager, how could you tell how your parents felt about you?

Were you right in how you thought they felt about you?

Have you ever been limited by other people’s misperceptions of who you are?

What did you do about it?

Hymn, No. 226 (document)

Please keep in touch with others in safe ways during this time and notify Bob, Stephanie, or the church office of any needs in our community.

We will continue serving our community through our Free Friday Breakfasts and our Community Meal.  Our format for serving our friends will be changing to meet the ever changing guidelines and keep all involved safe.  Please continue to keep our volunteers and our community in your prayers.  In addition, we are seeking clean or new white socks, as well as other necessities to give out during these times.  If you are willing to donate any, please contact Stephanie and we will find a way to get those items from you and into the hands of those who need it most. 

Thank you so much!
Freemason Street Baptist Church
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