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Volume 5 Issue 5
May 2012

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Most Rewarding Career
5 Keys to Sustaining Motivation
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Greetings from CoachDeck!

Summer means end-of-season tournaments, vacations, and planning those upcoming fall coaches meetings! Make this year's meeting special by handing a CoachDeck to all of your valuable volunteers.

In this issue: New contributor Dave Simeone provides the first in a three-part series on a trap we all fall into at one time or another: Over-coaching. Important for coaches of all ages! "The Most Rewarding Career" is the topic of this month's article by Brian Gotta. And John Ellsworth's "Five Keys to Sustaining Motivation to the Finish" offers clear advice for athletes and their parents.

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Over-coaching: Resist the UrgeDave Simeone
By Dave Simeone

Most of the sports that are currently predominant in our culture involve the coach as an active participant. Although the coach is along the touchline, in the coaching box or on the bench the opportunity for being overly involved with the players constantly exists. Read Article
Brian GottaThe Most Rewarding Career
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

"Where does the time go?" This was one of my mother's favorite sayings when I was a child. Now I know what she means. Just the other day I was in the grocery and a good friend, Katie, walked up in line behind me. Her son, Gus, was a 12 year-old on the first Majors team I coached. She said, "Can you believe that boy you taught to play baseball just graduated from college?" No, Katie, I can't.
Read Article

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Five Keys to Sustaining MotivationJohn Ellsworth
By John R. Ellsworth M.A

In my work with athletes I hear all sorts of reasons why it's too tough to finish. Some of them are indeed creative, but most of them I have heard a thousand times before...I hear from students that "others" expectations of them far exceed their abilities and they simply lose interest because it's impossible to please their parents. Read Article
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