I found a Donald Trump ad at a local newspaper website particularly annoying but then discovered that every time a reader clicked on it, the real estate mogul had to pay so I clicked a few times. If you have a few spare moments, you may want to help inflate the billionaire's expenses for waging a deceitful and hate-filled negative campaign. 

You may find Trump ads just about anywhere, but I saw them at http://njtoday.net/

Most of the news posted on that website over the past year seemed to favor Bernie Sanders. In fact, unlike those mainstream media outlets that bombarded Americans with meaningless dribble about the Republican, a quick search of the site showed that the balance of coverage was far more attuned to the news worthiness of each candidate:

Feel free to replicate my examination, but if you want to benefit a publisher who cares about credibility, tax the greedy narcissistic Republican candidate and get some good news for a change, then head over and click on the little tiny Donald Trump ad on the right hand side of the page. If you do not see it, refresh the page until you do! 

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