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May 24, 2017
Open 7 days 8-6
Memorial Day Parade
Sunday May 28, 1pm
Head to town to watch the annual parade!
It begins at the American Legion Hall winds through town to Prospect Hill Cemetery, where there will be speakers and an observance.  
Farm Talk This Saturday!
Nantucket Land Council's Resource Ecologist
Emily Molden
will take you on a journey into the life and migration of the monarch butterfly. Learn about how and why these little insects travel all the way to Mexico every winter, and hear insights from her own recent trip to visit them at their overwintering grounds.
Emily will discuss the monarchs’ current population status, what the future holds for their survival, and what we can all do to help. 
This event is Free!
From The Garden Center
It's time to bring your empty containers out to be planted!
Window Boxes, pots, whiskey barrels, urns...we plant them all!
If you don't know what to plant, we can help you decide.
Or you can leave them and we will plant them for you! 
6" Boston and Kimberly Fern 20% off
10" and 12" Boston Fern Hanging Basket 20% off
Enriching Mulch Buy one, get one free...reg 13.99
Peat Moss 3.8 CUFT now $14.99...reg $19.99
Heather 2 for $25 was $15.99
Do You Have Container Planting Confusion?
So, you want to plant your window boxes and containers and
the concept of Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers confounds you...
Do textures and combinations confuse you?

This video will have you planting gorgeous containers in no time! 
Still confused?
Check out this Pinterest Board with lots of ideas you can use right now!
Charm Petunias are just about the best flowering plant you can put in a container for sunny areas. No deadheading, drought tolerant, attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds, and very long blooming.  Perfect! Want to know more? Watch here.  
Blooming Creations is the super creative arm of our garden center staff.  If you want containers plants, and don't wish to do it yourself, come on out and let them do it for you!
Time to Plant Tomatoes!
While we grow tons of tomatoes, there is nothing quite like growing and picking your own!  Even if you've never tried growing, don't be shy! This video has some great tips and ideas for growing tomatoes at home. 
These varieties are all field tested - that is we grow these very plants in our fields, so we know they work in Nantucket's climate and soil conditions! These young plants will grow beautifully in containers, or in the ground. Ask our knowledgeable staff for further information on all 12 varieties we grew for your garden! Celebrity, a large red, is Farmer Andrew's Favorite.  Big Beef is great for sandwiches and Caprese Salad, Sungold is small, orange and sweet (and perfect for a container on the deck). Plums are just right for making paste and sauce, or roasting to freeze, and Heirlooms like Brandywine, and Cherokee Purple have unmatched flavor profiles! 

How Do You Decide What To Plant?

It can be a bit overwhelming if you don't know what kinds of plants are good for that certain part of your garden, window box or container!  But our new online tool Plant Finder can help! Choose plants by color, or by how much sun they're going to get, height, foliage type or just about any plant characteristic you want!  Just click the little boxes and hit SEARCH and you will get a list of the plants that fit all your criteria!  

Print the list and bring it out to the garden center and we will help you find what you are looking for.  

(click here to go to Plant Finder)

What Are You Doing This Weekend?
No matter what the weather is like, this is a great weekend to kick-off  the beginning of summer!  
Whether you are grilling with friends, heading off to the beach for a bbq, or just chilling at home, be sure to stop at the farm first to find some great wines to share, delicious meat, chicken and seafood to grill, or prepared food to go. 

Herb Salt Made with a mix of Farm Grown organic herbs goes great on chicken or fish, and makes killer popcorn!

Grilling? We have all the tools (and meat, sausage, chicken and fish from Fresh Catch) you will need!

These delicious cheeses would make an outstanding cheese platter to serve at a party! Tronchetto Affinato- Raw Goat’s Milk Cheese coated in Italian Wildflowers

Valencay Pyramid- Ashed Goat Cheese with delicate, snow white center

Robiolina Castagno- Tiny Soft ripened Cow’s Milk Robiola Cheeses Wrapped in Chestnut Leaves
Langres- ooey Gooey Soft ripened Cow’s Milk Cheese, perfect with Champagne

These rubs from Spice Hunter are created to be versatile -- to be rubbed on chicken, beef, or pork prior to cooking, or to add vibrant flavor to meat-free dishes, such as baked sweet potatoes, and snacks, such as popcorn. 
Swordfish on the Grill?  Yes, please! 
Nothing says 'SUMMER' like some freshly cut watermelon after grilling!

Wolffer Estate Summer in a Bottle,

Long Island, New York

Certified Sustainable

What distinguishes Summer in a Bottle is its fruit character. An homage to the glorious summer of 2016, Summer in a Bottle is a literal taste of the Hamptons high season. “We waited as long as possible to harvest the fruit for Summer in a Bottle. Choosing the perfect moment to pick was crucial to make this highly anticipated wine, bursting with the aromas and flavors of the seasonal fruits that reach their peak ripeness at the height of summer,” said Wölffer Winemaker/ Partner Roman Roth. $25


Vina Zorzal Graciano,

Navarra, Spain  

Certified Organic

Huge aromas of black fruit such as blackberry, blackcurrant, also black pepper, earth and cedar

Dry and fresh, soft tannins and medium body.

Pair with cured ham, Grilled meats $13


Corsarini Pinot Grigio, Sicily, Italy

Organically Farmed

Fresh and rich fruity aromas of apple and pear with a hint of citrus fruit that fade into a floral bouquet. Very clean and crisp. Seriously refreshing.

Begs for another sip!

It pairs well with a wide array of lighter cuisine, especially fish, shellfish, poultry, pastas in cream sauce and softer cheeses. $12

There's lots of Red, White and Blue in the market!
Decorate, celebrate and enjoy the holiday weekend!
Farm Tours Tuesdays and Thursdays
Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the farm and you will see
where the magic is made!
Learn about how we grow annuals and perennials, see the tomatoes tucked away in their greenhouses,
learn about growing organically and hydroponically,
and see how our hard-working crew gets it all done! 
Tours are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 am and are free.
Wear comfortable shoes as we will be walking on rough ground. 
Meet in front of the market at 9am.
We Are Winners!
Cape Cod Life's annual reader survey has spoken and Bartlett's Farm won!
Garden Center...Gold
Flower Shop...Silver
Farm Stand/Farmer's Market...Gold
We are humbled and pleased and want to say thank you to everyone who voted for us!
Upcoming Events:
Yoga in the Hayloft Every Day

6/17 10am-noon Herbal Wellness with Danica Connors - In the Hayloft
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