Leaf Blowers: Time for a Change?


The Hazards of Gas Powered Leaf Blowers

Bedford 2020 is working with the Town of Bedford to educate our community on the environmental issues associated with using gas-powered leaf blowers. It’s not just about the noise – although that is no small thing and one that concerns many community members. But gas-leaf blowers are highly polluting, bad for topsoil retention and very damaging to bird and insect habitats.

Reducing the use of gas-powered leaf blowers is very much in line with our community’s climate action goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 20% by 2020. If you already utilize good environmental practices in your landscaping work, thank you. If not, please consider alternatives.

If you employ a landscape company please share this information with them:
The Town of Bedford is hosting a discussion with landscapers about leaf blower use.
Tuesday, December 5, 4:30 p.m. at the Bedford Hills Train Station.
Call 914-666-6530 or email bthealy@bedfordny.gov to confirm attendance.
Several municipalities in Westchester County and across the nation now regulate the use of leaf blowers. Policies range from seasonal restrictions on their use to outright prohibition. Behind the drive to limit their use is rising public concern over the noise, air pollution, and health hazards caused by leaf blowers, especially gas-powered ones.

In response to complaints about leaf blower noise and pollution, the Town of Bedford has created a brochure in both English and Spanish with more information about issues associated with leaf blowers and why to limit leaf blower use. Click for the brochure: in English and in Spanish
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