Volume 10, Issue 10
October, 2017
Greetings from CoachDeck!

With the holidays fast approaching it is natural for us to think about gifts. What we hear from organizations across North America is that the best coach-appreciation gift they ever handed out was a CoachDeck! Your volunteers will love them!

In this issue:
The return of Adrian Parrish brings us not only a longing for the days when kids played and learned on their own, but a way to accomplish it even now. Brian Gotta identifies five types of "nightmare' sports parents. Have you slipped into any of these behaviors? And Dr. Jim Taylor returns with the first of two parts on how athletes can refocus their minds for maximum performance.

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Street Soccer - Let the Kids Play
By Adrian Parrish

Most adult coaches reading this article can remember their days as a kid playing sports in the streets. Picking your own teams, learning technical skills from your peers, setting your own rules and the only time an adult would yell at you was when you were told that it was time to head home.  Read Article
Five Types of Nightmare Parents
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Sports parenting is a tricky thing. While I believe most people are inherently good, when they become parents and their children get into a competitive environment, it can bring out some less-then-desirable traits in all of us. While there are many types of bad sports parents, I've observed five main categories through the years. Have you ever slipped into any of these?​​​​​​​:Read Article

How Athletes Can Perform Their Best When it REALLY Counts
By Dr. Jim Taylor

What happens to athletes as the big competitions approach that causes them to go from “all out” to “play it safe” in such a short time? And what can you do about it so you can set yourself up for success in the REALLY important competitions that are fast approaching?  Read Article​