Hi Cantabile singers (Parents, please pass this email on to your singers)--
I'm so looking forward to our concert this Sunday. It's been a great first semester...and you can make Sunday's concert a wonderful culmination of our work if you spend a little extra time this week getting prepared.

Things to do:
(1) Stravinsky: Review the Russian. Speak it in rhythm. Work for speed.
(2) Review your memory for Amarilli.
(3) Review your memory for Cunnla. Speak it in rhythm.
(4) Look at the new script for Its Motion Keeps (attached). I'll have copies for you on Sunday, but please check it out ahead of time. (I got it to fit on page as promised!) 
(5) Make sure you have Apple-Tree Wassail memorized and look over Jingle Bells.
(6) Put your music in order:
  • Amarilli
  • Its Motion Keeps
  • Cunnla
  • Stravinsky
  • Apple-Tree Wassail
  • Jingle, Bells

Remember to come in your full concert dress on Sunday and either eat ahead of time or bring a dinner/snack to eat quickly backstage. 

We BEGIN rehearsing at 6:00pm, so the perfect time to arrive is 5:50pm. Don't be late! Everything is at the Middleton Performing Arts Center.

Thanks and see you Sunday!

P.S. Here's the video link I was talking about. In their summer 2014 "On the Run Tour", Beyonce and Jay-Z used video interludes between sets. Check it out! 
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