REMAIN IN ME with Suzanne Stephens

After many years away from God and from the Church, is it possible to come back and find answers?

In this interview by Fr. Mike, Suzanne Stephens talks about her journey of ignoring God for years, then searching for a religion that “fit” her. She was raised by grandparents in the Baptist Church. Then her grandmother got Alzheimer’s and her home life became chaotic – as did her spiritual life.  Later, somehow, Suzanne studied the Bible in college and in a Catholic parish.  It was there that she experienced her “moment of grace”.

Later on in this interview, Fr. Mike and Suzanne discuss the effect of all this on her four children and the importance of example and community.

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John Allen has been a Vatican correspondent for twenty years and has just gone to the Boston Globe in that capacity.  It is fascinating to hear what he has to say.

In this interview with Fr. Mike, John gives his insights into Pope Francis who has captured the imagination of the global world. He says of Pope Francis: "What you see is what you get. He is a humble, simple, ordinary guy, a real man. It is not an act."

Fr. Mike asks about the Vatican's opinion of the Church in the U.S. John has some valuable insights for us to ponder. They discuss the questionnaire on the family, shortage of priestly vocations, and what we can expect; or not!.

 There is no doubt that the style and tone of Pope Francis is definitely pastoral.