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September 2017
(aka August part 2)
What's been going on since you last heard from us?
So many people have left us already that we are down to to about 65 employees (from our high of 128!).  It's been sad to say goodbye to everyone, but we celebrated with a fun Season Wrap party in the GC.   August was a rough month, but we are looking forward to fall, which is a favorite season to many of us.  The Pick Your Own tomato event Labor Day weekend was a huge hit and we sold 6000lbs of tomatoes!  

If you are leaving soon, please be sure to schedule an exit interview with Laura!  We are so grateful for everyone's hard work and dedication this summer.  Please stay in touch and send us updates and pictures from around the world wearing Bartlett's gear!! 

Attention current and former J-1 Students! Share your photos!  #SAVEJ1

You may have read reports about a threat to the future of J-1 programs including Work & Travel USA. As a current and/or previous J-1 Summer Work Travel participant you know the power of cultural exchange. It makes the world a more understanding and inclusive place.

As a participant, you have a power voice and can help us save these programs! I encourage you to share a photo of yourself from your J-1 exchange experience with us on Facebook or Instagram. In the caption, include the name of your program and the location your photo was taken. Be sure to tag your friends and use the campaign hashtag #SaveJ1.

Thank you for spending a summer with us! Without you, we could not have run our business and our workplace would not have been nearly as fun or exciting.

Thanks for a great season!!!
I think Griffin just stepped on Laura's foot! 
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Photo Contest Winners! 
1st Place ~ Beatriz Pesci da Silva
2nd Place ~ Andrew Spollett
3rd Place ~ Rachel Amaral
Honorable Mention ~ Leah Mojer
1st Place ~ Andrius Mikulenas
2nd Place ~ Leah Mojer
3rd Place ~ Rachel Amaral
Honorable Mention ~ Andrew Spollett
1st Place ~ Liam Farrell
2nd Place ~ Lucie Oger
3rd Place ~ Anne Sophie Coehlo
Honorable mention ~ Rachel Amaral
1st Place ~ Liam Farrell
2nd Place ~ Rachel Courtney
3rd Place ~ Bea Pesci da Silva
Honorable Mention ~ Andrius Mikulenas
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The Basement Kingdom II

By Andrius Mikulenas

(Photoshop by Audrey Hall)

Episode IV: The Revenge of the Rock

A short time ago in a farm not so far way the forces of evil were vanquished from the realm of Bartletia. The armies of cold, beaten and broken, fell into chaos with “Stone Cold” King Arvydas being dethroned shortly after. Now the kingdom of cold in fought over by many rival Ice Lords with the main combatants being – “The true man among men” Lord Peterson and Michael “Balor” McGregor. While the Ice Lords battle it out between themselves the real danger falls unnoticed right in front of everyone. The turncoat Dylan is still exiled to his small house, but there he secretly gathers strength and makes plans to return from exile as Napoleon returned from the island of Elba. Behind closed doors he met with the powerful necromancer named Smirnoff of the ICE lands. Yet again Dylan sold his soul, but this time literally as the sorcerer used his magic to harvest Dylan’s soul and liver in exchange for dark powers.

Shortly after the malevolent ritual took place a curse fell upon the Basement kingdom – first, Ser Maximus and later Ser Swanson mysteriously disappeared, then the new drifting knight Ross went missing as soon as he arrived. With Dame Rachel still in her travels, only Ser Lamar and the inexperienced Lady Bella of Liverpool were left to defend Shipper city. The kingdom began showing signs of panic and fear while Queen Laurie also started to worry. “Who could be behind this?” – she wondered while looking at the star filled night’s sky. It was at this moment that Dylan used his “mooning” power and appeared as a vision on the moon. What Queen Laurie saw was disgusting and shocking – it was Dylan’s face, but his eyes and skin had a creepy yellowish color to them and his evil moustache did not help matters.

“You thought you had seen the last of me, my Queen, but here I am and I will have my revenge! Get her griffin!” – he shouted and started laughing like a mad man as a huge griffin pierced the clouds and flew talons first towards the queen.


Episode V: Return of the Receiver

The huge beast, that was Dylan’s griffin, flew straight for Queen Laurie, who stood still, paralyzed with fear. As the monster’s razor sharp claws were just a few feet away L-Money closed her eyes and braced herself. She felt the wind of the beast’s wings on her face and heard the crashing sound of impact, but felt nothing. She opened her eyes and to her surprise, Laurie saw that Dame Rachel had appeared out of nowhere and was now fighting the griffin. The beast’s talons and Rachel’s sword clashed time and time again. Finally, one mighty blow from Rachel’s shield connected with the head of Dylan’s monster. This momentarily stunned the griffin.

“Now, Laurie! Run, don’t look back!” – Rachel shouted with her Irish accent.

Laurie hesitated for a second and then began sprinting towards safety, but as she ran, she was shook by the beast’s booming roar - it was now enraged. With sounds of a desperate fighting behind her, Laurie ran and tried her best to control the urge to look back, but she could not help herself and slowed down to peek behind her shoulder. Sadly, she saw Rachel valiantly fighting a losing battle. First, the griffin knocked Rachel’s sword out of her hand, then began smashing her shield with his giant paw. Finally, it grabbed Rachel by the leg with his talons and threw her to side. While Rachel was struggling to get back up, she and Laurie shared one last look and then the griffin smashed Rachel with a big cardboard box. A single tear ran down Laurie’s face as she fell to her knees.

“Oh dear, oh no… bashed by a box…”

Dame Rachel was no longer down in the basement. She was now… up there… receiving in peace.

Moments later the wicked beast flew in and grabbed the queen – taking her to his evil master.

Episode VI: The Two Towers

Dylan was already waiting with the cage door open when his beast brought in the royal hostage. 

“Amazing work, griffin.” – Dylan said with the biggest smile on his face.

“A-mazing?”- the monster replayed, slowly and with a slight stutter, as he looked at his claws with a confused look, as if he was remembering something before going back to its’ animalistic frenzy.

“Minions, feed him!” -Dylan commanded as he himself opened a bag of potato chips. Little funny looking minions took the griffin to another room. Judging from their banter, they were planning on feeding the monster bananas…  

“And so nice of you to join us, L-Money!” – Dylan continued speaking, now turning his attention to the basement queen. “You had me locked away in this very same, small house, Laurie. Oh, how have the tables turned! – he said, as he threw Laurie into the cage and closing the door behind her. “Now you are in the prison and I’m on my way to conquer the Basement Kingdom! Looks like you greatly underestimated me, my queen.”

“You are impossible to underestimate, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy looking yellow troll.” – Laurie answered from the cage. “You will never conquer the basement kingdom, Dylan. You don’t have the resources.”

“I have an army.” – Dylan said with a smug, chip eating grin of his face and then began motioning to someone in another room. “I present to you Chief Whitney of the Amazon tribes” – he said.

The Amazon didn’t say a word. She just had her hands on her hips and stared a hole right through Laurie. The glazing stare and high levels of sass made Laurie, understandably, very uncomfortable. Whitney did finally crack a smile when her legions of Amazon warriors arrived at Dylan’s lair. The warriors raised their swords into the air and shouted - “Gold if you have it!” They swung their swords to the ground - “Slash if you don’t!”.    

“With the help of this army I will retake what is mine!” – Said Dylan as he pointed at the Amazons. “Meanwhile you will be enjoying the view of my campaign from my newly built tower. My minion will soon take your cage up there. You will be sharing your new home with the griffin. He will be guarding you as if you were its’ very own wallet or smartphone.” - Dylan said and then departed with Chief Whitney and her army of Amazon cashiers in tow.

Laurie knew that their main target was the Pallet Palace in shipper city, but first they had to get past the great wall of Tate’s. To do this Dylan had the Amazons plant charges of explosives along the great wall with one long fuse connecting them all. After the preparations were done, Chief Whitney asked her most trusted warrior - Jazz, to light the fuse.  

After lighting the fuse Jazz simply said – “It’s lit.”

The resulting explosion was heard all around the Bartletia empire. When the dust settled, it revealed a huge opening in the wall. Soon thousands of Amazons started to pour through it. With the wall destroyed and their queen missing, the citizens of Shipper city did not put up much of a fight and quickly surrendered the capital of the basement kingdom.

Dylan, now stylizing himself as “King Dylan, first of his name, King of the Basement, Lord of receiving and protector of invoices”, was sitting on the Bounty throne in the tallest tower of Pallet Palace, overflowing with glee. He then happily organized a royal Barbeque to celebrate his triumphant return to shipper city as well as his birthday. Later, while he was grilling a turkey burger he took one big sniff of the meat and turned to his people, asking them – “Do you smell what the Rock is cooking!?’’

Although the smell was clearly that of turkey burgers, in Dylan’s mind it was the smell of victory.

Meanwhile, in the tiny house, there was a commotion. Dylan’s yellow minions were starting to get worried as they heard other minions scream outside of the house. They were even debating on whether or not to awaken the griffin and release it from the prison tower, but before they even had time to think it through, the door was kicked down and two black knights entered the room. They lifted their visors observing the room filled with Dylan’s yellow minions and then looked at each other.

“Yuh ready fi dis, Lando?” – Said Ser Lemar.

“Mi did boin fi dis enuh killa?” – Ser Lando answered.

“Who yuh av?”

“Gimmi the lil idiots dem pan di lef.”

“Ah, mi ago ten di one dem on the rite…”

 “What are they saying?” – Minion Drew asked all confused while the Jamaican knights continued their dialog.

“When they talk like that they usually discuss the best techniques of smashing something or someone” – answered the Lady of Liverpool as she entered the room with bow in hand. She shot an arrow at the minion, he fell, the chaos started. It was minion Drew’s first day on the job. The ensuing battle was a one-sided affair, 2014’s Germany – Brazil, if you know what I mean. Once the room was cleared, our heroes ran up the steps to the top of the prison tower. Although they had to stop a few times along the way (full plate armor weighs around 60lbs), they did finally reach the top of the tower and opened the door to the cage room where Dylan’s griffin was guarding Laurie. But to their surprise, when they opened the door they only saw the sleeping griffin and an empty cage.      

To be continued…  

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