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February 22, 2019

Bishops, delegates, and guest have begun arriving from all over the world for this historic meeting of our Special Called General Conference. The downtown area of St. Louis is extending its mid-western hospitality and is well equipped for the amount of people coming in. While there is definitely a hint of anxiety throughout the ongoing conversations, there is also the sense of hope, albeit a cautious hope.


A common thread running through these conversations is prayer. Over and over and over I have heard Bishops, delegates, communicators and others discussing the power of prayer and what it means to know their conference is praying for them, for us, at all times. It brings a smile to the face and gratitude from the heart.


On behalf of our Bishop, delegates, guests and communications team, I want to say, "Thank you Holston," for lifting us and this General Conference up in prayer. Our hope is you will continue praying for all involved. 


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It's an honor to serve alongside each of you.


Be Hope,


Tim Jones

Director of Communications

Holston Conference of The United Methodist Church


Morning Prayer

Each morning before the General Conference session begins in St. Louis, the Holston delegation will meet for prayer. The Rev. Kim Goddard, our delegation leader, invites any Holston members who are in St. Louis Feb. 23-26 to join this prayer time. For meeting times and location, please send your name and cell phone number to



On March 3 at 3 pm, each of our 9 districts will gather for worship and a GC2019 debriefing. More details, including each location, is posted at our General Conference News Blog.

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