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Issue 2 Volume 2 February/March 2009
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Understanding Athletic Speed
Why Are Volunteers Scared?
The Seven C's of Coaching
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 Understanding Athletic Speed  Lee Taft
By Lee Taft

I recently viewed a coach performing a multidirectional speed skill with an athlete. He was pointing to six different cones and the athlete had to run forward, shuffle laterally, or open up and use a crossover to get to the cone. The drill was fine, but the understanding of what was being coached wasn't.  Read Article
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 Brian GottaWhy Are Volunteers Scared to Coach? 
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

We've all read the news clips or seen the videos of crazed parents running out of the stands to brawl with their children's coaches. We've all probably heard a friend or acquaintance complain about what a lousy coach their son or daughter has. Is it any wonder that average parents aren't clamoring for the chance to be a volunteer coach? Read Article
KickSpeed Radar
Improve with True Radar Technology 
Here is a great coaching tool or backyard training aid. A unique new device developed to assist teaching soccer kick accuracy and power! The KickSpeed Radar uses proven Doppler radar technology. Best of all, it is affordable for anyone! Learn More
 The Seven C's of Coaching Credibility  Greg Dale
By Gregory A. Dale, Ph.D. Duke University

Have you ever wondered why some coaches achieve so much success with their athletes and teams - winning and gaining everyone's respect along the way - while others continually fall short or struggle to get their teams or athletes to perform at a consistently high level? Learn More