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We are thrilled that Stephen Pearce, Vice President, Strategy, International Markets at Tourism Vancouver, will share his thoughts on Film Tourism at the upcoming 2019 TTRA Canada Chapter Conference.

Stephen Pearce will share his thoughts on film tourism, with focus on film tourism development in British Columbia. He will discuss film tourism strategy at the provincial versus city level, as well as the opportunities and challenges to continued film tourism growth. He will  provide a candid perspective and, hopefully, a road map complete with pot holes that will encourage other tourism organizations to develop their own capabilities in this exciting space. 
Stephen Pearce is a strategic marketer with over thirty years’ experience in destination marketing and development. He is responsible for developing, implementing and optimizing strategies for all international markets. Curiosity, risk, creativity and innovation define his approach to growing business. Read his full bio below.
Stephen Pearce's Bio
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Moving Forward, this year’s conference theme, invites tourism researchers to be forward thinkers; to rediscover Canada’s tourism industry through various lenses that acknowledge the past while providing guidance for our future. A future that inspires authentic cultural experiences for travelers, while providing interactive opportunities for practitioners. Moving Forward calls for impactful tourist experiences across various niche tourism markets, bringing destinations to life and providing tourists with unforgettable travel experiences. Canada’s future tourism seeks to break down barriers and empower stakeholders to work together to deliver innovative research methodologies. This year’s conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, will highlight the path ahead, focusing on new ways of thinking about tourism in order to capitalize on emerging technologies, methodologies, and societal changes.

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