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Tuesday 11/14


Wednesday 11/15

K/1 Field Trip

ROPES Registration Deadline

Monday 11/20 - Friday 11/24


Thursday 11/30

PRT Meeting

Highlights In This Issue


• Director's Spotlight on Attendance Matters

• Save the Date: November 30 PRT Meeting

• Yearbooks on Sale!

• Educare Thanksgiving Week Special Days, Toy & Book Drive

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• Math Workshops at CLC: Click the GREEN Button

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Director's Spotlight On...Attendance Matters (see what I did there?)

by Stacy Emory


As we move through our different holidays, special events, and cold and flu season, I wanted to call your attention to how important attendance is to CLC’s operating budget. California public education funding is directly dependent on our learners’ attendance at school. It is based on an Average Daily Attendance (ADA)–that is, how many children are in seats each day. I think it is important for the community to understand that every absence (either planned or because of illness) reduces our funding by approximately $50. This may not seem very significant but the collective absences (almost 565) so far this year will result in a loss of $28,100 in state funding for CLC!


This lost revenue from absences is a combination of illnesses and planned absences (vacations, special events, etc.). Of course if your child is ill, please keep them home! Sick children at school are unhappy children and only expose other children, which in turn increases absences. I am in no way encouraging you to send your sick children to school so we don’t lose money!  I want instead to focus on absences that are not related to illness.  


If you are planning on taking your child out of school for a reason other than illness, there are a couple of ways where you can help to mitigate the cost.

  • If you are going to pull your child out of school for a vacation or travel for 3 or more days, please consider arranging for Independent Study.  This is a relatively simple process that involves a little bit of paperwork and coordination with the classroom educator to set up a study plan for your child while they are away.  This allows for your child to stay current with their classwork and for us to claim attendance funds for your child. Please see Quinta in the office if this is a program in which you can participate. (Note: This option must be arranged prior to the absence and will only help us if the work is completed and turned in when you return.)
  • If your child is out for reasons other than illness, please consider helping CLC cover this cost by offering $50 for each day absent. If you choose to do this, please identify it for this purpose so we can be sure to deposit it into the school’s general fund. (Reporting your child out sick, when they are actually missing school for another reason, does NOT help us recoup attendance revenue. This is a myth that is floating around out there…)


Thank you for your consideration!  


Join us for the next PRT Meeting

  • 2nd PRT Meeting: Thursday, November 30th, 7pm - 9pm
  • Location: 1909 Greenwood Ave, San Carlos
  • All parents are welcome to attend. If you would like to attend and did not receive an evite, please send an RSVP to the PRT leadership team so we can plan accordingly.

Volunteer Update

Melissa May, Volunteer Coordinator

Scratch Seminar 

We are looking for assistants in round 2 of the Scratch seminar. Thursdays from 8:15 - 10:05 starting December 7th and ending Feb 1st (no seminars December 21st, 28th and January 4th).


Chickens' Ball Steering Committee Rep Needed

Please click here to read the job description. If you are interested, please contact your PRT room rep or Melissa May


Hometown Days Parade
The San Carlos Hometown Days Parade is Saturday, May 19th and we are looking for a volunteer to take the lead of representing our school. It's a fun, pretty easy job. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Melissa May.

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Yearbook Update

Yearbook Team

The SCCLC yearbook is available for sale now for $25. Order online at


Please upload photos for use in the yearbook to The login and password has been previously provided. If you have any questions please email


If you took photos at the Chili Cook-Off or the Halloween Carnival, you can upload those using the buttons below.


Educare Happenings

Fiona Wainwright, Educare Director

RWC/SMC Toy and Book Drive Wrapping Party

Hop on board the Polar Express to the North Pole on Monday, December 11.


Join the Conga Line as we jingle our way from Educare to the Red Morton Community Center on Monday evening. Oh what fun it will be to wrap the mountain of gifts collected in the annual county-wide toy and book drive. Laughing all the way, the Educare elves will stake out a wrapping station for Charter families. The event kicks off at 5 PM and is scheduled to last until 8 PM. 


Red Morton Community Center, 1120 Roosevelt Avenue, Redwood City 94061

Monday, December 11, 5 PM  -  8 PM  


This year, in addition to its participation in the evening of wrapping toys and books, Educare will serve as a collection point for any new toys or books families choose to donate.


San Carlos Educational Foundation

A heartfelt Thank You from SCEF!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in our first SCEF day of the year and a big shout out to all our wonderful volunteers!

We are off to a great start because of your support.

If you haven't already donated to our Annual Fund, please donate today at:


Parent Education

Christine Levenson, Parent Ed Liaison

Click the BLUE button below to learn more about these wonderful parent ed opportunities. . . and more!

  • CLC Parent Ed Book Club
  • SCREENAGERS Parent Education Night Nov. 14


Click here for the latest issue of the SCSD Wellness Journal. The theme of this issue is Creativity.


Greater San Carlos Community Information

Building Understanding Math Workshops at SCCLC (2nd-5th grade) 

Looking for a fun way to learn new strategies for engaging your 2nd through 5th grade mathematician? This two-part workshop being held at SCCLC on Tuesday, December 5 and Thursday, December 7 provides hands-on training with assorted manipulative materials that can be used to teach mathematical concepts and an interactive session with your child guided by two math specialists - Peggy McLean, a math educator at Synapse and Alison Mazzola, a SCCLC parent and math educator. Student trainers are also available to work with your mathematician. The fee for the workshop will include a large math kit with a variety of materials and three resource books. The materials in the kit can be used throughout elementary school and even into middle school!

For further details on the workshops including details on how to register, please click here.

Please note that is not an SCCLC sponsored event. SCCLC is graciously offering the space for the workshops. 


Click the GREEN button below for more information on these workshops and other community offerings.

  • San Carlos Children's Theater's Production of The Princess Who Had No Name
  • Community Spring Sports Signups and Tryouts: Club Soccer, Girls' Softball, Boys' Little League, Youth Recreation Basketball, and Flag Football

Hot Lunch Updates

Akash Bijlani, Hot Lunch Coordinator

Have any hot lunch suggestions, feedback, comments, or questions? Please feel free to email or call/text Akash Bijlani, Hot Lunch Coordinator, at or (650) 248-9166.


Campus Construction Update

For the two-week look ahead, click here.



  • Thank you to the 5/6 PRT volunteers for donating fruit for our Writer's Celebration this past week.
  • Thank you to Anna Axiaq for running a Math Workshop in Room 9 on a moment's notice
  •  Thank you to Fran for hosting the 5/6 Family Math Night. It is always great to get a glimpse into the classroom activities

  • Thank you to the SCCLC Social team for organizing a great event at Spark Social


Have a great week!
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