Did you know?
Why Drop Off Times Matter
posted July 19, 2019

Have you noticed how excited your pooch is to arrive at Scampers? Social Scampers campers whine and bark, pull on the leash, paw at the latches, and nose at the gate, their tails wagging so excitedly that entire back ends are dancing!

That excitement is so entertaining to us humans, and it's very contagious for the pooches out in the play areas. Each new arrival brings another blast of energy to the play area. During the first hours of the morning, those new injections of energy are fa constant, and the dogs are well used to the ebb and flow.

As arrivals start to wind down, those in the yards begin to settle into their playgroups and the energy settles as well. Play parings emerge and the dogs find their standard rasslin' and roving level. At this point, when a new dog arrives, the energy shoots way back up, and everyone gets excited and starts to bark anew.

It is during these spikes of high energy that even the sweetest and most docile dogs have been known to explode into reactive rovers, snapping and snarling at their best friends. Scampers wranglers are taxed to the max to try and restore peace and calm the pooches.

That's why we ask that all daycare drop-offs occur before noon, to give everyone a fun, relaxed day with friends.

So, now you know!

These playful pooches are having lots of good fun, and nobody has plans to chomp on anyone, but they have teeth, and so we make it a point to keep the energy levels fun and easy!
Why Scampers Boarding Morning Check In Time Matters Too
One of the reasons that Scampers boarding facilities works well for most of our overnight guests is that they are good and tired after a day of playing, or even just roving and sniffing - that does tire them out, really.

Arriving at Scampers is very, very stimulating for your pooches, even after a busy day of adventuring elsewhere, and it takes several hours of busy socializing for the in-comers to settle down. And one hyper-stimulated pooch means a whole houseful of stimulated pooches, so when there's a late-comer, nobody gets a quiet night or a good night's sleep.

That's why all boarders should be checked in before noon. (As always, exceptions can be made in case of an emergency, but we may have to keep the late-comer segregated from the group until they've settled down.)

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