July 16, 2018
Council, Mission, and Ministry News this Summer
This summer, we have a lot of news to share with you: Mission Survey results, updates from Council, our ministry plan for fall 2018, building updates, and more. Please keep up with our weekly e-letter this summer so you see all the latest information!

Last week we shared our Mission Survey Results (included again below), and this week we have the June minutes from Council. Starting this month, we'll be sharing the minutes from every Council meeting on our website here.

Wondering who makes up our Council? Learn more here >
Mission Survey Results
We are very excited to share the results of our Mission & Ministry Survey with you!

The purpose of this survey is to take a snapshot of where the Advent community is at the this given moment. Your elected church council, staff, and other working groups take seriously the feedback shared, as we look toward the future and focusing our ministry emphases.

God is doing amazing work through you and this community of faith! Thank you for taking the time to engage. Thank you for being a part of this community of faith.  
Getting Ready! Planners Needed
Community Food Packing Event
Sunday, September 16
On September 16, 2018, we are hosting a meal packing volunteer day as part of the ELCA’s “God’s Work, Our Hands” initiative.  In partnership with the Outreach Program (www.outreachprogram.org), we'll invite our community to come together to pack 24,000 meals (or 4,000 meal kits) for all the food programs in our neighborhood. We will have opportunities for all ages to help.

An event of this magnitude needs many hands to pull it off successfully.  We have many jobs both big and small.  Please e-mail Linda Kelly (lkelly_ny@yahoo.com) if you are able to help plan the event!

We would also like to find corporate sponsors for the event. If you know of Corporate Foundations that might provide sponsorship, please let Linda know.

"Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; And confirm for us the work of our hands;Yes, confirm the work of our hands." Psalm 90:17
Weekend Retreat | August 24-26
At Koinonia Retreat Center (transportation from Advent provided)

Take a weekend to deepen spiritually, connect in community, and get in touch with the missional movement of the Holy Spirit in our church and in your life! Join us for our annual weekend retreat at Koinonia.

Advocacy for Immigrant Families
At first, our sign calling for love of neighbor (Romans 13:10) was repeatedly vandalized and finally ripped.  So we made a new sign.  The Gospel message has not always been welcome.  But that does not make it any less true  (Matthew 25:31-45).  Here are a few ways you can show love for our neighbors in Christ this week:

1. If you live in New York State, have one bilingual adult in the household, and have a separate room for the child, you can consider fostering. Call 718-860-1656 ext. 1887 for more information or to apply to be a foster home.

2. Consider connecting with First Friends, www.FirstFriendsNJNY.org.  First Friends visits and supports refugees detained at Detention Centers in Elizabeth, NJ, Kerney, NJ, Newark, NJ and Hackensack, NJ. They work closely with Seafarer's International House.

Through First Friends there are opportunities to educate yourself, visit detainees, participate in Stamp Out Despair, be a pen pal, aid in post-release, engage in advocacy, help answer the hotline and/or make a donation. 

3. Advocate and support through these campaigns at Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (www.lirs.org) 

#KeepFamiliesTogether: Urging congress to uphold this country's standards of family unity and protect children and families at our border.

#RaiseTheCeiling: Urge the Administration to raise the refugee admissions ceiling from 45,000 to 75,000 in FY 2019.

#WhereRTheRefugees: Hold the Administration accountable to resettling the 45,000 refugees they have committed to bring to this country. 
Acts: Reading & Conversation Series
Take part in our complete reading of the book of Acts this summer, and weekly conversations at Advent on Sunday mornings at 10:10am. Whether you're in town or away for the summer, you can read along with us!

This week's reading: Acts chapters 9 & 10

Acts is about the movement of the Holy Spirit in unlikely places, through unlikely people. It describes events following the ascension of Jesus and the start of the Christian Church. By reading it together, we hope to gain a better sense of how the Holy Spirit is moving in our lives and community today.
Indoor Picnic this Sunday
12:15pm | This Sunday | The fellowship hall downstairs

Come enjoy hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, chips and other picnic favorites - but  without ants, rain, excessive heat, uncomfortable seats! All are welcome!
Join our Water Collage Summer Project
As you travel this summer, join in making our Water Collage.

Even as we spread out across the country and world this summer, we are still one community, united in Christ and in our baptism. If you're traveling this summer, you're invited to take part in this easy, fun way to connect with us.

Here's what to do this summer:

Collect a small sample of water from somewhere you travel to this summer. Then, bring it with you to worship at Advent on Sunday, September 16, where we'll do something special with our water from all over the world.
Advocacy Book for July: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

Homegoing traces the legacy of sorrow that slavery has left on eight generations of one family.

Join us in reading Homegoing as part of our summer-long Advocacy Book Group series. As you read, share your thoughts in our Facebook group.

IDNYC Popup at Advent
July 9-July 27, Monday thru Friday | 9am-5pm | The corner office downstairs

We'll be hosting a 3-week IDNYC popup here at Advent, in one of the offices downstairs. Come get your IDNYC, and help us spread the word!

IDNYC provides all New Yorkers a safe, free way to get a government-issued I.D. that gains them access to all the City services that come from having recognized identification, as well as benefits like a free one-year membership at many of the City's leading museums, zoos, concert halls, and botanical gardens.

To get your IDNYC, you need to bring some form of photo identification and proof of NYC residence. They accept a wide range of documents, including expired passports, and do not keep any of your information. Use their "Document Calculator" to figure out what to bring >
4 Ways You Can Support Our Ministry this Summer
Our weekly offerings typically dip in the summer months, while many people in our congregation are away. However, we know steady income contributes to a better budget and healthier church.

You can support our ministry from wherever you are during the summer in any of these four easy ways. You might be surprised by how quick and simple they are.
Learn How
Full Ministry Calendar
What ministry or group will you be involved in this month? There are even more ways to connect in fellowship and service!
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This Sunday, July 22
Gospel | Mark 6:30-34, 53-56
Preaching | Pastor Gary at 9am & 11am worship in English, and 12:30pm worship in Spanish
Presiding | Pastor Danielle at 9am & 11am worship in English, and Pastor Gary at 12:30pm worship in Spanish
Music Minister | Michele Alvarado
Sunday School | Off for the summer, and returning in September!
Adult Conversation | Continuing our summer-long study of the book of Acts. Meets at 10:10am in the community hall downstairs.
Indoor Picnic | Meets at 12:15pm in the basement fellowship hall
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