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FIUTS connects university students
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Welcome International Students & Scholars!
The Foundation for International Understanding Through Students (FIUTS) is a non-profit organization located on campus that inspires cross-cultural understanding through intercultural events, community homestays, and more. FIUTS works closely with the University of Washington to provide
International Welcome Weeks and will be a resource for you during your time at the UW. This e-mail includes important information as you begin to prepare for your move to Seattle. 
You can learn more about FIUTS by visiting our 
Facebook page and website. The FIUTS UW International Students Facebook group is also a great way to begin connecting with peers. ​
Planning Your Arrival
All new international students at the University of Washington are required to attend a FIUTS International Student Orientation Session, during which you will connect with other new and returning students, prepare for your cultural transition to the UW and U.S., and complete your compulsory immigration check-in process.

Freshmen and transfer students are automatically registered for their International Student Orientation Session when they register for their First Year Programs Advising & Orientation program. Matriculated graduate students must register for their chosen International Student Orientation Session. Exchange students (graduate and undergraduate) must attend the Exchange International Student Orientation Session and do not need to register for their session. See the International Welcome Weeks website for more information about dates and registering if necessary.

We recommend that you arrive in Seattle with plenty of time before your International Student Orientation Session and participate in as much of International Welcome Weeks as you can. Make sure to check the date on your visa before you schedule your flight to Seattle. Most international students can enter the U.S. up to 30 days before the start date on their I-20 or DS-2019.
Look out for more information from FIUTS this summer regarding the orientation program and other useful topics to help you prepare for your arrival. You can also preview the 
International Welcome Weeks schedule online.
Housing in Seattle
There are many options for housing, both on and off campus. Most nearby neighborhoods have frequent bus service to campus, but be sure to ask plenty of questions before you make a decision.
If you wish to live on campus, it is important to apply very early. On-campus housing is assigned based on 
priority and date of application. Freshmen who apply between May 5 and May 11 have the highest priority for assignment. Learn more and apply at UW Housing & Food Services (HFS)

Visit the Housing Resources page on the FIUTS website for additional resources and ideas to help you investigate both temporary and long-term housing. It can be challenging to find housing before you arrive. Do some research ahead of time, and talk to other students in order to find a place more quickly! ​
FIUTS Homestay Program
The FIUTS Welcome Week Homestay Program is a cross-cultural friendship experience between an international student and an American host. As part of this program, you will spend approximately one week in the home of a volunteer host, making a new local friend while you settle in. Your host may pick you up at the airport (if their schedule permits) and will assist you during your first few days in Seattle.

The Welcome Week Homestay is intended to last 7-10 days. Even if you have secured long-term housing, you are welcome to participate in the FIUTS Homestay program for your first week in Seattle. Plan to make alternative arrangements for any gap between your homestay and your permanent housing.

Application & Deadlines: The deadline to apply for a FIUTS Homestay is one month prior to your arrival in Seattle. Please submit your application as early as possible because placements are not guaranteed. APPLY NOW!

Fee: There is a $100 placement fee for individuals, $125 for couples and $150 for families (if you are accompanied by your spouse and/or child). Program fees are charged to your MyUW student account and will be due with your fall tuition. 

Please note: FIUTS hosts are community volunteers who offer this short-term homestay as a gesture of international friendship and goodwill. They are NOT paid for their hospitality. FIUTS hosts should be treated with gratitude and respect at all times.

Learn more about FIUTS Homestay & Friendship Programs, and send any Homestay program questions to homestay@fiuts.org. ​
Important Pre-Arrival Steps and Sessions
ISS Online Information Session
All new international students must complete an International Student Services (ISS) Online Information Session. This session is required for the removal of the ISS registration hold -- you will not be able to register for classes until it has been completed. You can begin your online information session any time, and it is good to do it as soon as possible.
First Year Programs (FYP) Advising & Orientation
All freshman and transfer students must participate in a First Year Program's Advising & Orientation (A&O) session before autumn quarter begins. This session will connect you with the academic advising resources you need to register for your first quarter at the UW. Register for an A&O session now; the sooner you participate, the sooner you get to register for classes. Freshmen, if you are in Seattle before September, you can register for a two-day A&O session; otherwise, you should register for the hybrid 1 Day Online/1 Day On-Campus A&O session
Freshmen: Get an Early Start on College
Early Fall Start for Freshmen: August 22 - September 15
Early Fall Start (EFS) is a four-week session before autumn quarter begins. Courses are designed for first-year students to help you understand the expectations of college-level work, make connections with your peers and professors, and adapt to the UW. Many international students choose a 5-credit course in writing (English 108) or academic English, or a Discovery Seminar in a range of subjects. Register for EFS today and start your college experience in a supportive academic environment.
If you choose to participate in EFS, you will participate in a special 
EFS International Student Orientation on August 20. This orientation will include completing your required immigration check-in and special thematic sessions to introduce you to student life in the U.S. and at the UW. Out-of-state students — both domestic and international — also have the option of attending an EFS-Only Advising & Orientation session with First Year Programs held on Monday, August 21, and Tuesday, August 22.
“As my first class at UW, not only did English 108 prepare me for college writing environment, it also introduced me to various resources (e.g. research commons, writing centers, etc.) that will be helpful throughout the rest of my college life.” -Tomoki, past EFS student

Starting in July, we will send you weekly e-mail messages with important information for new international students and scholars. Should you have any questions in the meantime regarding your preparations for studying at the UW, please do not hesitate to contact the FIUTS office by e-mail at orientation@fiuts.org or by phone at +1.206.543.0735.

We look forward to welcoming you to Seattle!    



Amy Bergstrom
Manager of Student Programs