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We hope this newsletter finds you safe and well. Western Fairs Association will continue to bring you relevant and up-to-date information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the resources that are available to you. Please remember that the Western Fairs Association is here for you. Please do not hesitate to reach out. We thank and commemorate you all for your collaboration and undeniable resilience. 

UPDATED: WFA COVID-19 Updates Webpage
The Western Fairs Association COVID-19 Updates webpage includes a full list of fair cancellations, resources, and information by country and state. This page is updated daily... VISIT OUR SITE.
NEW! 3 Things Food and Beverage Businesses Impacted by COVID-19 Should Do Now
With shelter in place and statewide lockdowns starting in full effect across the country due to COVID-19, one of the industries impacted the most is the food and beverage industry... READ MORE.
NEW! Maybe A Little Time Apart
Walworth County Fairgrounds and Campgrounds- Elkhorn, Wisconsin
A little time apart might help us appreciate our time together... WATCH NOW.
How to Survive COVID-19 as a Small Business or Event Organizer.
Afton Tickets
Today I cover the best action steps small businesses and event organizers can take in order to ensure long time survival of your business or event during this COVID-19 crisis... READ MORE.
NEW! Coronavirus Live Updates: U.S. Deaths Set to Surpass China’s, but China’s Figures Remain in Doubt
The New York Times
The White House is expected to release models showing the future course of the disease. A change in how Britain counts its coronavirus deaths suggests that the toll may be much higher than previously thought...READ MORE.
NEW! Here’s How To Save Small Businesses And #KeepSmallStrong
The impact of the COVID-19 crisis is palpable everywhere you look. Still, there is a devastating immediacy we all feel as we watch the small businesses in our communities lay off workers and close their doors. ... READ MORE.
NEW! Congress Just Spent $2 Trillion on Coronavirus Relief. It’s Eyeing More.
The New York Times
With the $2 trillion economic stimulus just signed into law on Friday, Washington is already considering a fourth response package to combat the spread of the coronavirus and bolster a shuddering economy...READ MORE.
NEW! Help wanted amid coronavirus pandemic: These companies are hiring
Fox Business
As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, major companies are looking to ramp up their workforces to meet the demand for critical products such as food, household essentials and medical supplies... READ MORE.
NEW! Here’s how to get a small business loan under the $349 billion coronavirus aid bill
The Washington Post
A network of community banks and financial institutions is gearing up to implement one of the most ambitious economic relief programs in U.S. history as small businesses across the country weather the coronavirus and its economic fallout...READ MORE.
NEW! Small businesses should apply for coronavirus loans now
Fox News
The loan program that could bail out Main Street suffering from the economic shock of the coronavirus pandemic will begin Friday, but bankers are urging small businesses that need the money to start applying now or risk being left behind when the rush of small businesses seeking cash begins later in the week...READ MORE.
NEW! Wimbledon will be canceled this week — the first time since World War II
USA Today
Wimbledon has not been canceled since World War II. According to one tennis official, it is likely the prestigious Grand Slam tournament will not take place this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic...READ MORE.
UPDATED: Help for Small Business
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is compiling a list of programs providing financial assistance to small businesses impacted by COVID-19. For nonprofit assistance, see Candid’s list of funds for coronavirus relief...READ MORE.
What You Can Do to Support Your Community During COVID-19
During these challenging times, it’s crucial to support those in your community. Here are some practical ways to do so...READ MORE.
Some Good News with John Krasinski
Some Good News
John Krasinski highlights some good news from around the world, including an interview with Steve Carell to mark the 15thanniversary of THE OFFICE, as well as John’s newest hero Coco... WATCH MORE.
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