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It’s been a busy week across the Jewish Home Family.  One of the special events that many of our management staff attended was the Changing Aging tour in Montclair.  Dr. Bill Thomas (founder of the Eden Alternative and the Green House project) has been doing this tour around the country for several years.  We were so glad to be involved in a sponsorship capacity and to have a chance to hear from Dr. Thomas and his associates.  Over lunch, with about 50 sponsors and volunteers present, Dr. Thomas made some brief remarks and then invited each of us to use the index card in front of us to write our “toughest question” on aging.  He shuffled the cards and then answered all of them.  A few answers really stood out for me.  Someone asked about the words we use for aging.  Dr. Thomas talked about not using the word “elderly” because that is ageist and implies frailty. He uses the word “elder” which really is a term for someone with wisdom and experience.  He reacted to a question about “dementia sufferer” and responded that he believes we should use the term “persons living with dementia” because it puts person first, living second and dementia third, a philosophy that we, too, endorse.  As a geriatrician, he answered some questions about managing the decline of a loved one and was very articulate about the need to create “care partnerships,” that one person cannot be the “caregiver,” that they need support and should ask for it—from other family members, friends, community and the like.  I wish I could share all of his answers and the content of the rest of the day, all of it was very powerful and in keeping with what we believe and the direction we are moving.



In the Gallen Day Center we have been getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday with a variety of craft projects and conversation. We’ve had great music, which is always a hit with the residents as well—they are a dancing group in the Gallen Center! On Friday, we had a wonderful Veteran’s Day celebration. Our veterans received special gifts and our programming was focused on thanking folks for their military service. One of our participants was a Spitfire pilot in the RAF and we shared some videos, and heard some stories, about the Spitfire Battalion.




Jewish Home Assisted Living residents had the opportunity to visit the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades this past Sunday evening and hear Dr. Ruth Westheimer present. Board member Maggie Kaplen introduced Dr. Ruth and also posed for photos with our residents. They enjoyed the presentation and it sparked conversation for much of the week! On Monday, the “Sisters in Spirit” group held one of their regular programs, which is always well received. Tuesday was Election Day as we all know and a group of our residents went to the River Vale Town Hall to vote. Wednesday’s highlight was book club. This month’s book was “The Other Einstein” by Marie Benedict, which also resulted in some lively discussion. Our residents, through the work of the Chesed Committee, raised $600 for the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and those funds, and a note, have been sent to them. 




At the Jewish Home at Rockleigh, Sunday began with a visit from students from Temple Emanu-El of Closter. They spent time with residents, played active games and had a great singalong. In the afternoon we had music provided by Cantor Weiss and the Paramus Pikvah singers. Wednesday morning we gathered to celebrate the grand re-opening of the Beauty Salon. The salon has been refurbished, with new equipment, mirrors, new floors and new paint and it looks great. A big crowd of residents was present and each received a gift and enjoyed some festive refreshments. On Thursday afternoon we held a pre-Veteran’s Day program. World War II veteran Any Ferrone discussed his experiences in the service and showed a video. It was a highly interactive program and much enjoyed by our residents.



This was a blog week for me and here is the link:  As always, your feedback is welcome.


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Volunteer Opportunity of the Week


· We are looking for a friendly and energetic individual to transport residents to and from the rehabilitation department. 

· Mitzvah Day is Sunday, November 18th! Roll up your sleeves with Safely@Home and perform a wonderful mitzvah for the Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative (BVMI) at 75 Essex Street in Hackensack. Volunteers will be performing a “deep cleaning” for this extraordinary and well deserving organization. Age minimum is 12 years of age and project hours are 9:00 am – 12:30 pm.


Register in advance (a must) and receive further details!

For more info or to sign up, contact Director of Volunteers Stacey Orden at or 201-518-1175