CCA - Bringing Choice to Our Communities

100% Renewables by 2020

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Congratulations on bringing Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) to your community! You are one of 22 Westchester municipalities that have signed on for, or are seriously considering signing on for, CCA. 

As you know, the importance of CCA or “Community Choice” is to deliver electricity to consumers at prices below the current Con Ed or NYSEG rates. However, another significant benefit of Community Choice is the ability to respond to the community’s desire for clean, renewable energy that will lower greenhouse gas emissions. We have met with a variety of environmental leaders in Westchester and have discovered a strong preference for 100% renewable energy in the Community Choice portfolio. Having seen this response, we are now working toward the goal of 100% renewables in Westchester by 2020. Click here to read more.

Your legal role role under the Public Service Commission regulations is to inform community members of their options under CCA. One of these options will be the possibility to “opt up” by requesting 100% renewable energy. While we do not expect municipalities to “advocate” for any of the options, we would like to discuss with you our efforts to encourage residents and small businesses to consider this option.  

Please join us for an important meeting of Westchester elected officials in towns that have adopted or are considering adopting CCA:

If you have any questions please contact Midge Iorio by email or phone: (914) 620 - 2411.
Many thanks in advance for your support!

-Bedford 2020 and Sustainable Westchester

Municipalities Participating in Community Choice 

Resolutions or Laws Passed:
Mamaroneck, Town
North Salem 
Ossining, Town
Ossining, Village
​Pound Ridge
Rye Brook

Public Hearing Scheduled:
​New Castle
Mount Kisco
New Rochelle
White Plains

Other Possible CCA Participants:
​Mamaroneck, Village 
Port Chester
We Urge you to Attend
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See below for detailed information about Community Choice and its most important features.
Move the Needle On Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Westchester County
Renewable Energy is the single most effective tool to address climate change. Renewable energy is simply cleaner, cheaper and more local than fossil fuels.  In addition to cutting greenhouse gas emissions generated by fossil fuels, renewable energy also creates local jobs that grow the economy.
Westchester County has the unique opportunity to pilot the State’s first program to rapidly expand access to clean, renewable energy. The Pilot Program is called Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). We refer to it as “Community Choice”. 
Community Choice is a new energy “bulk buying” program. It gives local governments a chance to choose how their citizen’s energy will be sourced while transmission and distribution is still maintained by the local utility. This results in a lower price and a higher percentage of renewable energy for residents of Community Choice towns.
Residents and small businesses have three choices once a town adopts Community Choice:
  1. Automatically get the lower price and better mix of renewable energy.
  2. Opt up to ensure their energy is coming from 100% renewables.
  3. Opt out and stay with their original energy provider at the higher price.
Local governments must communicate these choices to residents and small businesses. However, it is the local environmental leaders who will make a difference by educating the public about best choices for the environment and increasing renewable energy. 
This program is not dissimilar from other instances in which local governments use aggregation as a way to obtain services or products at favorable prices and terms. According to Mike Gordon, Co-President of Sustainable Westchester, “Community Choice allows us to pull together all of the consumers and small businesses in Westchester County into one large group to bargain for bulk energy production.” The program is significant because it not only lowers energy prices, but also provides customer choice for clean, renewable energy while also modernizing the electricity grid.
According to Ellen Conrad and Mary Beth Kass, Co-Presidents of Bedford 2020, “In today’s world there is a growing awareness of the dangers of carbon pollution. As stewards of the planet, we have an obligation to become greenhouse gas emissions-free. This model program will help us get there." Not only will consumers use more clean energy, but by generating more demand for renewable energy, energy suppliers will have an incentive to expand their renewable energy investments. This helps drive the switch from fossil fuels to a more sustainable energy supply across the state.

Community Choice is the perfect program as it offers electricity from cleaner, renewable sources while partnering with Con Ed and NYSEG to continue “delivering” power. It is a great combination since customers will get the same reliability they’re used to, but with more renewable power, lower greenhouse gas emission and lower prices.
Once a municipality votes to join the Community Choice effort, every resident and small business who uses ConEd or NYSEG for their energy supply in that municipality is automatically signed up to receive their energy through the Community Choice program and will automatically receive energy at a lower price. We anticipate approximately a 4% to 5% reduction in monthly electricity bills. However, if a resident or small business wishes to continue with Con Ed or NYSEG as their energy supplier, they may do so. By automatically including all residents and small businesses in the Community Choice program, the program is able to gain maximum participation that enables them to bargain more effectively with an energy supplier for lower prices and for cleaner energy sources.
To Summarize the important features of the Community Choice Bulk-Energy Buying Program are:
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Accelerated use of renewable energy.
  • Lower energy bills for residents and small businesses.
  • Retain ConEd or NYSEG for reliable power delivery and service.
  • Big impact with little or no effort by consumers
  • 5 million customers nation-wide already use Community Choice.
For more details about Community Choice, please visit the Community Choice (CCA) FAQs on Sustainable Westchester’s Website. 

Please feel free to call us with any questions about Community Choice or the upcoming Environmental Leaders Meeting. Email Midge Iorio or call her at 914-620-2411.