Follow through on last week's success:
No more last minute nominations to Highlands and Pinelands!
Email your Senator: 
Oppose any appointments to Highlands and Pinelands from the exiting Administration
Lame duck: the post election, pre-inauguration period known for whacky and sometimes nefarious action in Trenton. It is the last opportunity for an outgoing administration to embed its policy perspective, or to thank friends with appointments, all made during the holiday season when attention is elsewhere. In the past month Governor Christie has nominated, or directly appointed, over 170 individuals to the various authorities, boards, commissions, councils, and judicial circuits of the State, including the Pinelands Commission, which resulted in a firestorm of opposition, because people like you took action, preventing--at least for now--the replacement of Pinelands Commissioner Ed Lloyd. 

All governor-appointed seats on the Pinelands Commission and the Highlands Council are vulnerable for replacement by Governor Christie before Governor-elect Murphy takes office on January 16. In the Pinelands, a Commissioner's term is for 3 years; in the Highlands the term is for 5 years. However, any appointments made by the Governor must be approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and then by the full Senate.  

Please tell your Senator not to approve any new appointments to the Highlands or Pinelands until the next administration is sworn in! New Jersey Conservation Foundation has an easy to use Take Action Tool that directs an email message to your Senator based on your home address and zip code. Please link to it from here now

Thank you for your successful action last week.
Let's get the message out so it doesn't happen again!
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We represent a diverse network of organizations - small and large, local, regional, statewide and national - and individuals with the common goal to protect, enhance and restore the New Jersey Highlands and to preserve the quality and quantity of drinking water both for the 850,000 people in the Highlands as well as the more than 5.4 million people in Northern and Central New Jersey who depend on Highlands water. For more information visit our website:

Thank you for all of your support! 
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