ARENA CREATIVE GROUP                 WINTER SOLSTICE -- 12/21/19
Energetic Reboot at Mount Shasta

Our world, our country, our planet, ALL people, ALL races, ALL sentient beings . . . there's a massive consciousness shift and energetic 🔱 rebalancing rocking our planet right now, and IT'S ALL GOOD.

AXIS MUNDI __ So grateful to celebrate the Winter Solstice once again this year at our sacred Mount Shasta, one of Mother Earth's most powerful and beautiful energetic vortexes located right here in Northern California. It was so empowering to help facilitate this sacred journey to the heartland and acknowledge and celebrate this very important and very potent final Winter Solstice of the decade. 
ENERGETIC PURIFICATION __ Preparing for annual sacred journey to the mountain, smudging everyone with burning sage, releasing the old energy and negative vibes that no longer serve our highest and greatest good mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. ​​​​​​​Our fire ceremony on the mountain included major releasing of old energy, making room for new energy, new divine abundance and powerful new blessings to flow into our lives. The shift has definitely begun. I can really feel it. Our people. Our world, Things are shifting now in a good and positive way. 
TATANKA __ Savoring sacred, empowering energy of the Buffalo, always strong and energetically present with us BOTH on Mount Shasta AND our annual Sundance prayer ceremony in the Black Hills of South Dakota, day #4 June 21, the SUMMER SOLSTICE. 
SACRED FIRE _ Building a ceremonial fire in the wind and wet I usually pack a small propane torch. This year forgot to pack it.. Wow. We had a huge challenge getting the fire started up there in the cold and dark. Luckily, we ALSO had a boatload of KINDLING / ENERGY to release to its highest & greatest good.
HUGE ENERGY RELEASE __ We were divinely guided to include a sacred burning bowl ritual that is normally celebrated on New Year's Eve, this powerful spiritual releasing gives each of us the opportunity to hand up everything that no longer serves our highest and greatest good: emotions, fears, people, the deep energetic baggage that we've been carrying around over the past year and, perhaps, well before that. For me personally this clearly included the dense and heavy energy of our country's current political landscape. What's the good news? After releasing all of this . . . BOOM, yes, definitely feel the energy shifting. We're moving back into balance. 
INTO THE OCEAN I GO to lose my mind and feed my soul. Amazing, cleansing energy now bathing ALL of us. After our beautiful ceremony Friday at Mount Shasta, so fortunate to lock in everything on Sunday, reconnecting with our Mother Earth, joyfully submerged in our sacred San Francisco Bay. The tide has definitely shifted people . . . and It's ALL GOOD. 
🙏  Sacred Balance: Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine
Things are not getting worse. They are getting uncovered. We must hold each other tight and continue to pull back the veil. 

Mitakuye oyasin (Lakota)
ALL my relations. We're ALL related.
We're ALL in this together.   

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BILL ARENA is a lightworker, spiritual alchemist, hands-on energy healer, men's work facilitator, guided meditation leader, animal/bird energy wrangler, gratitude student, Alcatraz endurance swimmer and head writer/editor Arena Creative GroupSan Francisco 
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Mitakuye oyasin (Lakota) / All my relations. We're all in this together.