O  u  t    o  f    M  a  n  y .     O  n  e   S  p  i  r  i  t .
Commencement of 2019
Saturday, June 8th 
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Riverside Church
490 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10027
Saturday, June 8th, 12:30 PM ET
Doors Open at 11:45 PM ET

All are welcome! Far more than a typical graduation ceremony, this is a community worship experience that honors the beauty and wisdom of the world's major faith traditions.

One Spirit is thrilled to invite you to the commencement ceremony of our 2019 graduates. Help us celebrate the remarkable achievements of our newest graduates!  Please join us as we honor the hard work and growth of both our Interfaith Seminary graduates and our Interspiritual Counseling graduates. For two years, these students have been on a powerful journey of transformation and this ceremony marks a new chapter in service to our quickly changing world.

Would you like to contribute to this year's Commencement?  Help us celebrate this exciting time of growth and transition by volunteering to support our Graduates at Riverside Church for our Commencement 2019.  
Volunteer Saturday June 8th at Riverside Church
Emergence Leadership Academy Information Session

Tuesday, May 28th at 6:30 - 8:00 PM ET

Videoconference Only

The Emergence Leadership Academy offers organizational leaders, activists, spiritual warriors, and visionaries a unique development journey. In this 8-month intensive and experiential program, you will develop the skills and behaviors necessary to mobilize people, inspire action, and achieve results. You will learn to integrate contemporary leadership theories, practices and strategies with your innate spiritual wisdom, offering a fresh approach to leadership that is guided by Spirit and informed by industry best practices.

Please join us on Zoom to learn more from the program director Dr. Rev. Ryan Polly.
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One Spirit Interfaith Seminary Information Session

Tuesday, May 14th at 12:00 PM ET

Videoconference Only

Get to know One Spirit! Come learn about our Seminary program and meet the staff.


Find out more about One Spirit's Interfaith Seminary Program at our INFO SESSION on Tuesday, May 14th at 12:00 PM ET.  One Spirit's Interfaith/ Interspiritual Seminary program cultivates spiritual awakening through an experiential and heart-centered program, following our vision to inspire and advance the evolution of sacred consciousness in service to individuals, communities, and the earth. If you're being called to take action in your life, community or the world around you, join us to find out how One Spirit's training can support you in your calling. 
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Lunch and Learn Interspiritual Counseling Info Session

Monday, May 20th at 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET.

Video Conference Only

Psychology and Spirituality meet in One Spirit's Interspiritual Counseling Program.

One Spirit's Interspiritual Counseling program (ISC) is the only program that trains spiritual counselors in an Interspiritual model. ISC focuses on personal and spiritual transformation -- including the refinement of one's presence, inner depth, and confidence -- as the groundwork for the cultivation of counseling skills.
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The Work of Sacred Activism

With Rev. Sonia Ketchian, Rev. Ty Holmes, Rev. Laurene Williams, and Rev. Debby Schlein

Saturday, May 11, 2019 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM ET
Attend in NYC Classroom, by Videoconference or Download Recordings 

Join the One Spirit in Action (OSIA) leadership team in this fearless experiential training. Uncover your unique path and commitment to sacred activism while remaining awake to the ultimate goal, to create a “Beloved Community.”

Leaning into discomfort is the work of a Sacred Activist. We are bombarded with one injustice after another on a daily basis, leaving us angry and overwhelmed. In this workshop, we will focus on the following: How can we make a difference in this world? Where do we focus our efforts, and how do we choose an area of focus? How do we stay energized and committed? How do we impact sustainable change, especially when we have only a few hours a week available? When the goal is unity, how do we address injustice without strengthening the division and polarization we are hoping to change?
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SuperHuman: Being the Kind of Person the World Needs

With John Pavlovitz

 Saturday and Sunday, October 26th and 27th,  9:30 AM - 5:00 PM ET

Attend live in-person, online, or download recordings.

One Spirit is Thrilled to Welcome Back the Acclaimed Author John Pavlovitz for an Entire Weekend of Study!

When it comes to having hope for the world, many of us tend to look outside of ourselves. Our hero may be a writer, a politician, a preacher, a musician, or a celebrity who illuminates the kind of promise we are seeking. The truth is, however, that we are the heroes we’ve been waiting for. It isn’t the sky that holds our hope for the planet, it’s the person we see in the mirror each day.

In this lively, authentic, interactive class, we are going to dig in to the best way to be human by answering the fundamental question “What kind of person does the world need?" We’ll identify ways of cultivating key traits--ordinary superpowers--that will improve our lives and reinforce our humanity and our unique gifts and weapons in the battle to become heroic. We’ll consider the weaknesses--our personal kryptonite--that leaves us all vulnerable, and prepare for the adversaries that will surely appear along the way as we actively cultivate hope. We’ll look back on our personal stories and remember how they have been punctuated with kindness and wonder—and we’ll see how those stories have specifically prepared us and can propel us forward. And in the same way that superheroes don’t just work alone but in teams of other extraordinary people, we’ll learn to leverage the exponential power of community by connecting with like-hearted people, with the ultimate goal of creating a global movement of radical goodness.
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One Spirit Learning Alliance Global Reunion 2019: Champions of Light

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August 16, 17, & 18 at Stoney Point Retreat Center

A One Spirit Global Reunion. Join Graduates from all programs, and all years, as we come together at Stoney Point Retreat Center to celebrate the diversity and magnitude of our Global Community. One Spirit is thrilled to announce an opportunity for all our Graduates to come together as one community. We will be gathering at Stony Point Retreat Center, in the beautiful Hudson River Valley in New York State, August 16-18, 2019.

The registration fee is ALL INCLUSIVE for 3 days and 2 nights.

Registration includes room for 2 nights, all meals, workshops, and activities. In other words, it includes everything but transportation.

A special thanks to the Reunion Committee for making this very special event possible: Rev. Barbara Brownyard, Rev. Edith Crane, Rev. Carol Gorelick, Rev. Mignon Grayson, Rev. Rachel Hollander
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Sacred Journey to the White Lions – July 2019 in Timbavati, South Africa

July 20th- 28th, 2019

Join Us for a Life-Changing Journey with guide Linda Tucker, Author, "Mystery of the White Lions" and Rev. Diane Berke, One Spirit Learning Alliance.

The Tsonga, Sepedi, Shangaan, and Zulu peoples of southern Africa hold White Lions as sacred beings who are humanity’s guardians in times of transformation. For the Shangaan and Zulu shamanic traditions, they are seen as transmitters of divine love and wisdom.  Their natural and spiritual homeland is the Timbavati region of South Africa, neighboring the Kruger National Park, where snow-white lions were born in the wild. Tragically, the cubs were captured and bred for financial gain for zoos, circuses, and canned trophy hunting operations. Consequently, the White Lions became extinct in the wild by 1993.

In March 2011, Diane Berke & René Ragan of One Spirit Learning Alliance answered a wildly unexpected yet irresistible call of the heart to journey to South Africa, where they had the opportunity to encounter and spend time with the White Lions in their natural habitat. This powerful, profound, and life-altering experience was one they knew they wanted to share with the One Spirit community. We took our first One Spirit group to Timbavati in April 2012.

We are thrilled to announce this year's One Spirit Sacred Journey to the White Lions, facilitated by Linda Tucker, assisted by Diane, in July 2019.
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