April 2018 
Number 156


TAGS, PROMOS, TRAILERS, & RETAIL: These 4 types of scripts require the most precise voice over performance. In addition to Storytelling, Attitude, and Point Of View, they also require Technical Accuracy. This involves:


  • Breath Support - Continue to the end of the sentence and avoid stopping or breathing at punctuation, unless it's at the beginning of a new beat or at a transition between the Set-Up, Body, and Resolve.
  • Clarity - Tap the Articulators, Round the Vowels, and find the vibration in the Resonators.
  • Phrasing - Use punctuation and phrases as a signal to change to a new gesture or movement.
  • Melody - When you play the musical notes (round the vowels, tap the consonants, and vibrate the resonators), a unique tune or melody results.
  • Word Emphasis - Add action on the vowels, point to the location of the nouns, and vary the manner in which the key words are emphasized.

Getting "Wired For Sound" takes time, effort, and practice. My two apps are there to help you out!


  • Activate Your Voice - 5-minute voice and diction exercise series. By increasing the volume of each sound as the letter on the screen gets larger, your breath support should increase, too. This helps you follow through and "land" the end of the sentence rather than fading out.
  • Finding Melody In Your Voice - Download and watch the training video. Then record yourself using the appropriate gesture while reading each of the 21 Word Emphasis Chart examples. Listen back to your recordings and compare it with my sound samples.

    Visit Voice One Apps to learn more.


Find out more about your voice and how to land these technical performances. Join Elaine and Sally's SF Talent agent on May 2 & 9 for Promos, Trailers & More.



Join Sally Clawson  Thu. 4/12 

from 6:30-8:30pm.

This fun and lively class is a great way to laugh, connect with old friends, meet new ones, and stay in shape for voice-over and acting jobs and auditions. All are welcome: new players, seasoned pros, and those in between. Games are designed for everyone's growth and enjoyment. 


$15 cash at the door or pay in advance here.



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