2016 Contemporary Passenger Amenities
Solar Mobile Device Charging Station
Veloport Bike Locker
Interlude Bus Shelter
Bike Port Shelter
Each year with considerable fanfare domestic and import automobile manufacturers introduce new car models; Pantone announces a new color palette and new DOT rules and regulations are published. Rarely is there an announcement about new passenger amenities, so we’re taking on that challenge. Passenger amenities you may recall are the benches, bike storage systems, passenger shelters; trash receptacles and signage that you might find at a bus stop, transfer centers or light rail station. 
Bus stop shelters are the heart and soul of any bus or transit system and they reflect the aspirations of a city. The Eclipse, Interlude and Trident passenger shelters are modern updates on passenger protection against the elements.  Designed with multiple roof styles, modular components, hidden fasteners and the ability to customize as needed, these prefabricated and engineered shelter will update the appearance of any city.
Bike shelter as first and last mile connectors are also important elements in the transportation mobility toolbox.  Like their bus shelter cousins, bike shelters have a reputation for being rather non-descript and boring.  The Vizor and Aspen bicycle shelters are designed to change that idea. The Vizor bike shelter has a hip contemporary industrial design. Communities with a nature, rural or rustic surrounding will appreciate the Aspen bike shelter with its’ powder coated wood grain finish.

In many cities, flat slat steel benches and trash cans are the typical standards. They’re durable, heavy and built like a tank.

The modern version of that standard could easily become the Flight Deck collection of benches, trash cans and recycling receptacles. The bench back panels are a canvas for local branding and identity and they’re available in single or multiple color combinations The trash cans and recycling systems are designed for caster based trash liners for efficiency.  The collection may be customized to reflect local design standards.
Bike lockers are usually known for their rectangular box shape and their monochromatic colors.  The Veloport bicycle locker has been designed to change that vision with a contemporary shape, customizable patterned side panels and a host of standard powder coated color.  The Veloport offers three points of anti-theft protection with an interior locking bar and a door than may contain both a key lock and a U lock locking bar. The Veloport long term bike parking locker can be installed as an individual unit or connected in multiple combinations.
Two new solar passenger amenities that should gain immediate popularity are a solar powered recharging station for mobile devices and a solar powered bus stop security light and signal. The solar powered recharging kiosks is ideal for a transit transfer or light rail station. It is capable of charging up to six mobile phones at a time and a portable version is available for special events.  The solar charged bus stop security light adds passenger safety and security to unlighted bus stops and provides drivers with visual access to waiting passenger during the evening hours.

New passenger amenities are changing the public transportation landscape.