July 9, 2018


Ask Them to Sign Rep. Smizik’s “Dear Colleage” Letter and the Mass Power Forward Pledge

Rep. Frank Smizik (D-Brookline), Chair of the House Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change, is asking his colleagues to sign on to a letter to  leadership - Speaker DeLeo and House Ways & Means Chair Sanchez - that calls for immediate action on three bills that have progressed out of the Telecom, Utilities and Energy Committee -- the bills address the state’s renewable portfolio standard (H.4575), energy storage (H.4576), and net metering (H.4577).

These bills are likely the only clean energy legislation that has a chance of passage before the session ends (July 31st).  If they make it to the House floor, our legislative allies can introduce amendments to strengthen them and add the DPU Reform and pipeline tax ban (which passed in the Senate’s omnibus energy bill).  There are several more critical steps before the bills can become law, but nothing will happen if they are not brought to the House floor.

Please ask your MA House rep to sign on to Rep. Smizik's "dear colleague" letter to House leadership, and the Mass Power Forward Pledge (you can tell their staff the link is “tinyurl.com/MPFpledge”) to help ensure that the legislature acts on critical bills concerning energy and climate this session. 
The deadline for Representatives to sign the Dear Colleague letter is 5pm TODAY
(July 9, 2018)

Please call your representative ASAP today!! One quick call is all it takes.
If you’re not sure who your Rep. is, check here.

from 350 MA - Better Future Project:

For the past two years we have been advocating for common-sense policies like increasing the renewable energy portfolio standard and expanding solar access to low income communities. Other states have already taken these steps, and they have been endorsed by the MA state senate. The leaders in the MA House of Representatives have no excuse.

We are going to flood the state house with phone calls and we need your help to do it.

Thankfully, we've made this really simple. If you sign up, you will receive text messages alerting you when the time is right to light up the phone lines and contact your legislators. There will be 2-3 key moments in which calling legislators will have the greatest impact, and we will text you the information necessary to make your call as quickly as possible.

If you are committed to building winning climate policy in Massachusetts by calling your legislators, click here. Let’s let our legislators know that we are willing to stand up for our values!

Berkshire Gas Moves to Raise Rates
Berkshire Gas has filed with the Massachusetts DPU for a rate hike. This price hike will hit residential customers between 3.3 times and 7 times as much as commercial and industrial customers. There are two DPU hearings coming up soon regarding this proposal (DPU 18-10)

7:00 p.m.
Greenfield Middle School, Auditorium
195 Federal Street
Greenfield, MA

7:00 p.m.
Berkshire Community College
Boland Theatre (Koussevitzky Building)
1350 West Street Pittsfield, MA

Written comments are due by July 31.

» For more info, visit No Fracked Gas in Mass

Fight Back with Efficiency!
Had enough of high energy bills and gas expansions? Fight back by increasing your efficiency.
Learn more about our state’s energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. You’ve already paid for these incentive programs through charges on your electric bill. Learn how to reap the benefits!

MassSave offers a free energy audit of your home and energy efficiency upgrades, many at low cost or no cost. The new Solar Access program helps homeowners obtain electric high efficiency heat pumps to heat their homes and PV solar to run them, cutting your electric AND heating bills with one program.
— Contact Logan to schedule a presentation for your community or group
Logan Malik, No Fracked Gas in Mass Campaign Associate

Introducing "Shave the Peak":
A New Way to Green the Grid

by Kai Salem, Mass Energy Consumer’s Alliance
June 28, 2018

At Mass Energy and People’s Power & Light, we talk a lot about the importance of energy efficiency and conservation. But, for a few hours every year, reducing our energy usage becomes especially important: on the hottest and coldest days of the year, energy use is the highest and electricity is dramatically more expensive and polluting. These high-demand days are called peak days, and we’re calling on our members to help us Shave the Peak by taking straightforward steps to reduce energy usage for a few hours on these days.

Comment Period on FERC Project Approval Process Still Open

Your Chance to Speak Out on FERC’s Pipeline Review Process!

On April 25, 2018, The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) opened a public comment period regarding how the agency carries out its own review and approval of natural gas pipeline infrastructure.
Deadline is July 25th. You can file as many comments to this new docket as you like, so this could be in addition to all of the other comment methods on our FERC Review page.

It essential that we seize this moment to make clear to FERC that as a federal agency it has a duty to respect the law and respect the people.

For news on various pipelines, FERC and the industry, check out the
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