"I first got involved with Haymarket when I applied for a grant for seed money for an emerging not for profit teaching nonviolence."

"I love Haymarket’s work and its mission of anti- racism and strengthening the movement of social justice. "

Dear Haymarket Friends,

Much like ants, we humans function through individual actions collectively in accord with simple, local information to carry on all our survival activities.  Beyond survival, organizers and community activists are the glue to our society, bringing forth more local information to ensure the community members make more informed decisions about the systems each of us play a role in.

Whether it is Black Lives Matter, Student Immigrant Movement, Indigenous People’s Network of MA and RI, Youth jobs coalition or Unidad Latina en Acción. The community organizations are leading a collective vision of liberation bringing social justice and saving lives that are often told by the system that don’t matter. Each organization, much like every ant, relies on each other to make carry their communities through collective liberation.

Haymarket People’s Fund is an anti-racist, multi- cultural foundation that embarks on collectively sustainability of local grassroots groups. We’ve been providing funding to almost every major social justice movement in New England since 1974. Each year, our volunteer grantmaking panel made up of community organizers across the region awards grants to local organizations in New England’s neighborhoods and communities.
Please see what our board has to say about their amazing experiences with Haymarket.

As the board, we are dedicated to ensuring that the financial sustainability of Haymarket continues.  Each of us have very diverse experiences working in the community, but all of us have been touched individually by Haymarket’s touching mission and goals. We know firsthand know the power these grants have on the sustainability of community organizations that are doing the hard work in our communities.

That’s why today, we are asking for your help. At Haymarket we see social change philanthropy as a form of community organizing. For years, we have organized to help leverage more money to go to change, not charity through wealth conferences. Our fundraising is focused giving each of you to explore the amazing work of the over 50 organizations we fund.

As the board, our goal is to raise $3,000 before June 30, 2018, can you donate whatever level that works for you, to help sustain our grantees and build a larger network of collective sustainability? Please take a minute to help us raise this, by clicking on the donate button below and donating to Haymarket People's Fund.

Please specify that the money goes to "BOARD FUNDRAISING".

In Solidarity,
The Haymarket Board of Directors