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What:   Voting Centers

When:  Wednesday, Feb. 6: 6:30 - 7:30

Where:  Tye Preston Memorial Library 

               16311 South Access Road, Canyon Lake 78133

What:    LWV-CA Board Meeting

When:   Tuesday, Feb. 12: 5 pm

Where:  Rio Terra Senior Living

                2294 Common St,NB 78130

All members welcome.

What:   CCCA Community Meeting

            "Water, Planning is What Matters"

When:   Tuesday, Feb. 12: 6 - 8  pm

Where:  McKenna Events Center

                801 W San Antonio St, NB78130

CCCA website

What:   Volunteer Deputy Registrar Training

When:   Wednesday, Feb. 19: 10 am

Where:  Comal County Election Office

              396 N Seguin Ave, NB 78130 

HWhat:   Hispanic Culture in New Braunfels

                with Estella Delgado Farias.

When:   Thursday, March 21: 7 pm

Where:  New Braunfels Public Library

               700 E Common St, NB 78130         

What:    Big Give: 24 hours of online giving

When:    Thursday, March 28

What:   LWV-CA Annual Meeting

When:  Monday, May 20: 6 pm

Where:  Unitarian Universalists of New Braunfels

              135 Alves Ln, NB 78130                

 Andrew Kim, Comal ISD Superintendent is the guest speaker.

Please note this is a date change.

New Members



Laraine Henchel 

1321 Decanter Drive  NB 78132


Milda Scott

209 Valona Cibolo 78108


Lynn Silver

348 Cylamen  NB 78132


Susan and Tim Tate

152 Pennsylvania Blvd. NB 78130



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From the President


First thanks to Circle Arts Theatre for a fun evening and to the almost sold out house for supporting the League.  Just like the women in 9 to 5, League members know that to make a difference we have to speak up.


Ten members from our League will be attending Lobby Days in Austin on Feb. 4 and 5. The purpose is to learn more about the three priorities for the League this session: Voting Rights, Women's Health, and Public Education.  Then meet with our local legislators: Senator Campbell, Representative Biedermann, and Representative Kuempel, to express our views on these topics.  Issue chairs from the State League will follow bills throughout the session and continue to give testimony and lobby for change in these important area and others.


These legislators need to hear from all their constituents and this newsletter offers two specific opportunities.  


Voting is the opportunity for every citizen to make their voices heard.  We think allowing county polling locations on Election day would make it easier for some people to vote. With electronic polling books, there is no real reason why a voter can only vote at one specific location.


Voting is a habit that begins when that new 18 year old casts their first ballot. This spring, with the support of Mr. Kim, Superintendent of Comal ISD, for the first time League members will be going into the government classrooms to discuss the importance of voting and then register eligible students.


Contacting a city, county, or state official; attending a League meeting and asking questions; registering voters; spreading the word about League activities; or making a donation to the League are ways that you can help make our voices heard and make a difference in our community.



Follow us on Twitter:  LWV of Comal Area @lwvcomal tweets coming events and starting this month, The Voter!    


Voting Centers Panel Discussion


Would you like to vote at any county polling location on Election Day like you can during early voting? Texas has permitted counties to switch to countywide Vote Centers since 2009 and 55 counties now use them. The League of Women Voters of the Comal Area (LWV-CA) invites the public to a discussion of Vote Centers Wed. Feb. 6, at 6:30 p.m. at the Tye Preston Memorial Library, 16311 South Access Rd., Canyon Lake, TX 78133.


Guadalupe County began using centers rather than precinct specific polling locations in the Nov. 7, 2017, General Election. Lisa Adam, Guadalupe County Elections Administrator;  Duane McCune, Guadalupe County Democratic Party Chair; and Terry Harper, Guadalupe County Republican Party Precinct 105 Chair and Guadalupe County GOP Executive Committee member will describe and answer questions about their experiences with Vote Centers in primaries and general elections   The National Conference of State Legislatures lists convenience for voters, election offices and poll workers, and an increase in voter turnout as possible advantages.


Come bring your questions.


 Volunteer Deputy Registrar Training 


Twenty Comal Area Leaguers received their 2019-2020 Volunteer Deputy Registrar certifications at the Comal Elections Office Jan. 15 in preparation for our upcoming voter registration drives.


 Interested in participating in our voter registration efforts?  The next Comal County training is Feb. 19 at and is scheduled every 3rd Tuesday at the Comal County Elections Office, 396 N. Sequin Ave, New Braunfels, TX 78130.  Call 830-221-1352 to reserve a spot.  Guadalupe County offers VDR training on the 2nd Wednesday each month beginning at 3 p.m. at the Seguin Elections Office, 215 S. Milam, Sequin, TX  8155.  Call 830-303-6363 to register to attend. 


Please note, once you are certified in one county, you do not need to take the training again to receive certification in another county.  You do need to appear in person at the county elections office, receive instructions on that county’s requirements and may need to take an oath of office.  For most counties, that takes only a few minutes.   Some of the 20 just certified in Comal plan to obtain Guadalupe and Bexar County certifications in the next few months.  If you’re interested in joining us, please email Jerrie at or text her at 830-643-4657.

Hispanic Culture in New Braunfels 


In honor of Women's History Month and Texas History Month the League is co-sponsoring a program with the New Braunfels Public Library to learn about the Hispanic Community of Comal County with  Estella Delgado Farias on Thursday, March 21 at 7 pm at the New Braunfels Public Library, 700 East Common St.

Farias has archived Hispanic history in the area  by gathering photos, articles, memorabilia and oral recordings of family histories and maintaining a database of the information she gathers. Her collaborations with local organizations include exhibits and works at the Sophienburg, Westside Community Center, Comal County Veterans Project, Comal County Genealogy Society, and Comal County Historical Commission.  The Herald-Zeitung named Farias its 2018 Citizen of the Year for her work and her efforts led to a Texas Historical Marker for the West End Baseball Park and Dance Hall, and  a Historic Texas Cemetery designation for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cemetery. 

Guadalupe County Unit 

LWV-Comal Area has been serving the Guadalupe County area since its inception and most of the time we have had members who lived in Guadalupe County. Recently that membership number has risen from one or two to seven members.    At the October board meeting, Gloria Suarez Sasser, treasurer, presented a request from the Guadalupe County League members to form a unit.  These members were interested in studying issues that  pertain to Guadalupe County.  In January, the Board unanimously approved the formation of the Guadalupe County Unit of LWV-Comal Area.


Gloria Suarez Sasser, a resident of Guadalupe County,  was appointed by Roxanna Deane as the Unit Leader.  The unit will have their first meeting in February which will serve as Leadership training. The meeting will also establish goals for the Unit.  The members are excited to get started and are looking forward to having the League serve Guadalupe County more fully. 


Gun Safety Legislation

A mixed group of concerned citizens joined LWV members to hear LWV of Texas Gun Safety Issue Chair Aimee Mobley Turney (right in photo) and Moms Demand Action for Gunsense Reform Region At Large Deputy Chair Molly Bursey (left in photo) discuss pending legislation in the 2019 Texas Legislative Session and lobbying tips on Jan. 19.


"There is so much we can do and the stakes are high” the two panelists  agreed.   Every day some 100 Americans lose their lives through gun violence a number that surpasses that of all other developed nations and includes suicides, homicides and accidents.


Noting that the league supports violence prevention programs, Turney said legislative priorities are to halt expansion of a program to arm  public school teachers, to ensure that requirements  remain for open carry of fire arms, and the approval of HB 131, the Red Flag Bill,  which would allow the temporary removal of a gun with a judge's okay if considerable risk was imminent.  This bill is important in situations of domestic violence and suicide prevention.


Turney and Bursey briefly identified other bills which vary from prohibiting celebratory gunfire to the Castle Doctrine which would permit homeowners to shoot someone if they feel threatened.  They expect up to 200 bills on fire arms to be introduced this session and that most will die in committee.  For updates and more information, see Turney’s blog on the LWV TX website.


Moms Demand Action are collecting letters to deliver in person to local legislators along with MDA signature bags of homemade cookies on Feb. 13.  Bursey mentioned  that letters from more rural areas like Comal have greater impact and encouraged anyone interested to hand write a letter.  These can be dropped off at the Tye Preston Memorial Library by Feb. 10 to be included in the delivery.  Here are tips for writing letters and some sample letters.


Besides being well informed on the issues, lobbying techniques of Moms Demand Action are to be civil...and bring cookies. A lesson we can all use. 

Texas Voter Rolls

LWV Texas press release Jan.25, 2019

AUSTIN – Today Secretary of State David Whitley issued a media release about new data obtained from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) identifying those individuals with driver licenses or DPS personal identification cards as citizens or non-citizens. This announcement notes the potential that substantial numbers of non-citizens have voted in one or more Texas elections.


The League of Women Voters of Texas (LWVTX) and many Texans are concerned about the security of our elections. We want clean voter databases and safe and secure elections. This report is an example of why we need to modernize our voter registration system. We could have one that automatically prevents non-citizens from registering. 

READ FULL Press Release 


Action Alert

Texas Needs Modern & Secure ElectionsT

At this point in the Legislative session, there are a lot of bills dealing with voter registration and election equipment/system improvements.


We are trying to highlight the importance of voter registration modernization and election equipment/security improvements to members. Each member listens to his/her constituents more closely than any others. They record your comments, and the more they hear about specific issues, the more important the issue becomes to them. 


We ask everyone receiving this action request to take the few minutes to use this action alert to contact your own State Representative and Senator. Share it with any other groups or individuals you believe share your beliefs in modern and secure elections.


Send message to your Representative and Senator



Big Give 

Save the date!  March 28, 2019, LWV-CA will participate for its second year in the BIG GIVE San Antonio.


The Big Give is a 24-hour online day of online giving fueled by the power of generous donors, creative nonprofits, social media, collaboration, and you!  The goal of the Big Give is to support our local nonprofits that are committed to making South Central Texas a great place to live, work, and play.  Since 2014, 188,937 donors have given over $20 million dollars to over 2,000 nonprofits through the Big Give, making it one of the most successful giving days in the country.


All funds raised by LWV-CA during the March 28 event go to the LWV of the Comal Area Education Fund to provide Voter Guides, Candidate Forums and issue information to our local area which includes all of Comal County, East to Sequin  and West to Boerne.


In 2018, BIG GIVE donations enabled an increased distribution of Voter Guides for the midterm elections.  In 2019, we are expanding voter registration outreach to include in-class presentations at CISD high schools to facilitate young voter engagement.  


League of Women Voters ® of The Comal Area

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