Please note that US Senator Bernie Sanders has not endorsed Assemblyman John Wisniewski for governor in New Jersey. Some media outlets have falsely asserted that this endorsement was made or is imminent. 

Wisniewski hired consultants and pollsters employed by the Vermont senator's presidential campaign because he  thinks that it's who you look like, not who you are.

That view lacks is the authenticity and consistency that defines Bernie Sanders.

Another candidate for governor in New Jersey who is seeking an endorsement from the board of Our Revolution & Bernie Sanders, has challenged John Wisniewski to reveal his law firm's clients before exploiting his brief flirtation with progressive politics. 

The lawmaker's firm, Wisniewski & Associates, LLC, has received contracts without competitive bidding to provide legal services at taxpayer expense to the City of Newark, City of Plainfield, the County of Passaic, Borough of Roselle,  the Middlesex County Utilities Authority, the New Brunswick Parking Authority, the Borough of South River, the Western Monmouth Utilities Authority, the East Brunswick Sewerage Authority. He has made millions of dollars at taxpayer expense from these no-bid contracts.

Wisniewski is also profited from contracts with the Cooper Health System and Cooper University Hospital in Camden. Notorious south Jersey political boss George Norcross is chairman of the Cooper board of trustees.

Wisniewski's law firm also represents US Metals, the biggest polluter in Carteret, and Buckeye Partners, a fossil fuel company responsible for more than 6,200 miles pipelines that bought the Perth Amboy refinery from Chevron in 2012. It would appear inconsistent for Bernie Sanders to endorse someone profiting from climate change, since this is a danger to all life on our planet,

I was proud to support Bernie Sanders, but I am not willing to abandon the ideals that convinced me to back his campaign for appearances and quid pro quo. Please tell Senator Sanders not to engage in a political quid pro quo. 

~James Devine, NJ for Bernie