The Farm Dirt
News from Bartlett's Farm 
February 17,  2016
Open 8-6 Monday through Saturday
Closed Sundays until April 3rd!
Farm Talk
Saturday February 20 10am

Just because it is cold out doesn't mean you can't have locally grown food. Farmer Andrew Spollett will show you how to start seeds using cold frames. He will discuss cold frame construction, solar orientation and the best seed choices for early season growing.
We'll provide coffee, tea and farm-baked goodies and everyone who attends will receive a 10% discount coupon for the market.
 This farm talk is free. 
Breakfast at the Farm
Breakfast Sandwiches made to order...Cinnamon Buns...Muffins...Scones...made fresh every 10 breakfast sandwiches get the 11th free with the Breakfast Card...sit down with a friend...have some freshly brewed the public wifi...
In the Greenhouse
Baby tomato plants are tucked into a nice warm compartment where they are growing large enough to transplant into a tomato greenhouse.  
Each winter we run a few experiments just to see what might work.  This wheat grass is grown without soil, using a highly absorbent mat.  
The new 'Hydro Harvest' house is awaiting these baby Boston lettuce plants.  They are also growing in a medium that does not include soil. 
From the Kitchen
Neil and his crew have been getting creative in the kitchen and are now offering some new and convenient meal choices.  
Meat Lasagna, Eggplant Parmesan and Shepherd's Pie
are now offered in oven-ready foil packaging! 
And how about some farm-made Chili or Beef Stroganoff?
The kitchen staff cooks it up and packages it so it's all ready to re-heat in boil-in-bags.
Imagine Yourself in the Garden...
Seeds from Renee's Garden and from Botanical Interest are in the market...just in time to start planning your garden.  
Watch this video to get in the mood to start growing something! 
A Winter Job
On the first 'nice' day in a while, Beatriz and Fernanda took all the pots of bulbs outside for a big drink of water. They were planted in the fall and have been chilling in a cooler since then.  They do need a drink of water now and then, so when the temperature rose into the 40's, it was time! Now they are back in the cooler for a few more weeks until it's time to bring them out for Daffodil Weekend!  
Centerville Pies
You asked for them...
We are now carrying savory pies from the
nationally known Centerville Pie Company!
Chicken Pot Pie
Shepherds Pie (with Sweet Potato Top)
Spinach Pie

In 2010, Centerville Pie Company Inc. expanded its production by partnering with Cape Abilities, a nearby non-profit organization that supports people with disabilities on Cape Cod, helping them with housing, transportation and employment. Centerville Pie Company now handles much of its pie-making operations from the Cape Abilities location and employs over 50 disabled adults.
The company also supports Cape Abilities by donating a portion of their annual proceeds to the non-profit.

You won't find these anywhere else on-island,
and we are thrilled to be able to offer them. 
We are taking applications and hiring summer staff. 
...from a returning summer employee...“It was just the best summer.  I don’t know how else to describe it!” and “Mj is the best! I honestly don’t think I could find anyone better anywhere.”   Laurie McVeigh – Stocker supervisor and basement guru- From Ireland-returning for her third summer in 2016!
Take-Out From Our Kitchen...
Thursday Lamb Dinner - $14.99/lb
Friday Chicken Dinner - $14.99/each
Tuesday Prime Rib Dinner - $16.99/lb

Dinners include 2 sides and start at 4pm!
Coming up...

Dharma Yoga Nantucket Classes every day in the Hayloft

February 27: Growing up with the Birds by Ginger Andrews.  10am.

March 1-March 31: Ten year anniversary celebration of the opening
of the Farm Market! Stay Tuned!

March 5: Simple tips for Healthy Living with Joanna Roche. 10am

A FREE holistic health fair brought to you by
Bartlett's Farm and Dr. Michelle Starr.
Stop by the Hayloft to meet lots of great Nantucket small business owners who want to help you live a healthy life. There will also be raffles, healthy food samples, a 10% discount coupon for that day at the farm and a COOKBOOK SWAP!
If you would like more information or are interested in participating please contact Amy.
Vendors: Driftaway Soap, Dharma Yoga Nantucket, Embody Nantucket, Minihan Nutrition, Ruth Blount / Young Living Essential Oils, ACK Fresh, Sunny Daily / Nantucket Doula, Danica Connnors, 
Joshua Walbert, Sara Boyce

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM 

April 30 6pm: Daffodil Dinner in the Hayloft