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January 2017
Beth Miriam is a Reform synagogue filled with tradition as well as creativity. We are about creating a truly holy space for everyone who comes into our Mishkan – the place where God dwells.
This is a place where you can pray, sing, be intellectually and spiritually stimulated, engaged with the community and with Israel.  Ours is a place of joy and support and sharing.


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Rabbi Cy Stanway

Apparently, the ‘word-of-the-year’ by the folks who tabulate such things is ‘post-truth.’  I am still wrapping my head around that.  What, exactly, is post-truth?  ‘After truth’?  If the truth about something is the truth, how can there be a time ‘after the truth’?  What is it supposed to mean?

Well, it purportedly means that the verifiable truth is no longer important.  What is important is only how you feel and not about what actually is.  What this means is that if you feel as if certain people should be left on the margins of society, that is alright because you can always justify keeping them there for whatever reason.  If you feel that science is wrong about something, it is easier just to ignore it and maybe the problem will go away since we feel uncomfortable with the truth.  And so on.

The one and only problem with this is that, aside from the truth being the foundation upon which the Jewish people look at the world, the truth always has a way of bubbling forth, regardless of how we feel.

Before Einstein, people thought that everything in the world was absolute.  There was absolute time.  There was absolute speed.  There was absolute space.  There was absolute mass.  What time it was here was the same time at the other end of the universe.  A metre here was a metre there.  One second here was one second there.  And so on.  Books and scientific papers were written based on this Newtonian idea.  It seemed perfect.  Too bad it was wrong.

Einstein proved there is no absolute time.  There is no absolute space.  There is only relative time and relative speed and relative space.  People resisted what they saw as a crazy notion.  In fact, when Nazi Germany was in its infancy it had such a visceral reaction to Einstein and his relativism because, if Einstein was right (and the leading German scientists knew he was), and everything is relative to each other, what to make of the definiteness and dogma of Nazism?  They even called relativity 'Jew Science' - that is how they felt.  People felt Einstein was wrong and so, even to this day, there are those who simply won’t accept the arithmetic.

What does this have to do with truth?  Everything.

While we can argue that truth may or may not be absolute, one thing we can say is that the truth can be gleaned by the discerning eye relative to something else.  If we stay within the bubble of our own prejudices, we will never, ever see the real truth.  Truth only becomes what we say it is.  Truth becomes our particular political, religious, or philosophical bent.  “Don’t bother me with your thoughts.  They don’t fit my feeling,” is the bumper sticker of the ‘post-truth’ world.  That is until the real truth comes and bites us where we live.  Then we take notice.  Often, though, it is too late.  We may hope that the crocodile of ‘post-truth’ does not consume us but the reality is, it does.  It just consumes us last!

Sooner or later, the truth always emerges.  And that is where the Jewish message rings forth loudly – truth may be trammeled upon but it always manages to get up and fight back. 

As Jews, we know this to be so and we have been the bearers of the messages of so many truths for 4500 years.  The Jews entered the world with a message that the world had never heard before.  Since that moment, so many have sought to repress the messages and the messengers.  But the Jewish message is the one that measures the world relative to where it is to where it ought to be.  Judaism is not a simple sounding board created to hear our own voices.  It is a bullhorn that speaks truth to power and reminds the world, regardless of what the world feels that there are real truths of justice, right, compassion, mercy and goodness.  Where we stand as Jews on those bedrock truths determines whether we will continue to be the bearers of that message or simply feel as if we are a light to the nations.  We may feel pretty good about ourselves.  But that is not the question we should be asking.  What we should be asking is ‘How does God feel about what we are doing?’   That is the bedrock Jewish question. 

‘Post-truth’ ought to come to mean what happens after truth and not the “feelings we have so don’t bother me with facts.”  And what has to happen ‘after truth’?  Judaism already answered that a long, long time ago: action and deeds.  ‘Say little and do much,’ our Sages said.  No truer words were ever spoken. 

And I feel pretty good about that.

Rabbi Cy Stanway

Rabbi Stanway's Blog

From the Cantor
Cantor Marnie Camhi

Purim Spiel Announcement

We are planning ahead for Purim!! This year’s Purim Spiel will be The Little Mermaideleh! Auditions will be on Sunday, January 8 immediately after religious school. Bring a light lunch with you (no pork or shellfish please). The sign-up sheet is posted on the music room door. All TBM religious school students in grades 3-12 are welcome to audition for a speaking/singing role. Students in grade 2 can be in the chorus (no audition). Adults that are members in good standing are also welcome to be part of the show. Rehearsals will be on Sundays immediately following religious school beginning January 22. The spiel will be performed on Sunday, March 12. If your 2nd grader would like to be in the show, please email me to let me know. If you/your child in grades 3-12 would like to be in the chorus only (no audition), please also let me know. Please email me with any questions.

Thank you!
Cantor Marnie                                    
Cantor's Webpage
From the Principal and Youth Group director
The Madrichim of the Eisenberg Bierman Religious School would like to thank members of the Sisterhood for their T-Shirts.  We have been wanting them to have a t-shirt for sometime now and we came up with a great design.  

The t-shirt is a means to teach the word Madrich and it’s proper use for girls, for boys and in the plural. We hope our team of Madrichim will wear these t-shirts with pride and in good health!!
Youth Group
TamTams enjoyed a Hanukkah Cupcake Workshop at Stella’s house. Many thanks to Danielle Delcuore and Marissa Lambert for helping and also to Sadie Cotler from SALTY for helping.
Installation Shabbat and Primary Shabbat
Everyone is welcome to join us for Primary Shabbat Family service on January 6th at 7:30 PM.  We will celebrate our wonderful children as they lead us in prayer.  As well, we will officially install our board members and offer a blessing for their work.  Please join us.
TBM Religious School/Teen Academy Reunion!
As we come to the close of the year 2016 and look ahead, we have come to realize that college students and post college young adults really have little connection to TBM other than (hopefully) lots of warm memories of Teen Academy, SALTY events and adventures at Religious School. We further realize that many are home over the winter break and that there are also many more than we realize who are post college and either living at home or near by.

So we decided to tap that demographic, gently, by simply inviting them to gather at TBM, annually, on the first Sunday when we are back from our winter break. In this way, we hope that this group of people feel welcome at TBM, and have a chance to reconnect with one another, the Rabbi and the TBM community.

This year our TBM Eisenberg Bierman Religious School/Teen Academy Reunion will take place on Sunday January 8 beginning at 9:30-of course breakfast will be served and will be completely free.

All we need is an RSVP.

Please SHARE with your college or post college student and encourage them to share it to their TBM classmates or acquaintances as we begin to compile our TBM alum database.
To RSVP for this event, please click here

From the office
We would like to welcome the new members who joined us this past year and say Mazel Tov to those who had special occasions, such as B’nai Mitzvahs and special birthdays and anniversaries.  We mourned the loss of many loved ones, but we know their memories will be a blessing.  We would also like to thank those of you who volunteered to help out in the office, support our oneg shabbats, and stepped in to keep our children safe on Sunday mornings at religious school.  We appreciate you!

We are excited about the upcoming events, such as the Primary Shabbat Dinner and Installation of our new board members, the ever famous Canadian Picnic, and many other activities coming up from our amazing committees!  We hope you’ll look at our calendar and join us!  There’s something for all ages. Be sure to bring your friends!

By now you’ve received your 2017 statements, and we are busy working on your tax letters.  If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to stop in and talk to us, or call any time.

Best Wishes for a happy, healthy 2017!


Shari Nightingale and Frankie Langer
Israel Visual Tefillah
Rabbi Stanway is putting together another Visual Tefillah service and wants YOUR Israel trip pictures!  It doesn’t matter how old the pictures are, just put them on a thumb drive and bring them to the temple for inclusion into the next Visual Tefillah service on March 3.

Meet your board members
Mazal tov to our board members who are all so dedicated to the temple.  From top to bottom, left to right, they are:
Harry Silverman (President), Al Goldman, Brian Gillet, Chase Kaplan, Wendy Sloter, Steve Silver, Barry Edison, Lenny Berkeley, Danielle Delcuore, Mark Cohen, Bob Kellert, Pat Shapiro, Lori Goldstein. (Not pictured:
Alan Darnell
Andrea Phox
Cindy Singer
Gary Pess
Heather Foster
Judy Berg
Marian Gross
Mike Gross
Paula Rowland
Rich Berger
Sharon Silverman
Stuart Lippsett

Beth Miriam book club
The TBM Book Club will be discussing "Eve: A Novel of the First Woman" by Elissa Elliott on January 17th at 6:30 at the All Seasons Diner. We hope to see you there!

- Cindy Singer

This month we are celebrating the following children's Bat/Bar Mitzvah!

Isaac Torine is in 7th grade at Knollwood School in Fair Haven.  He loves playing basketball, rock climbing and wake boarding.  His favorite activity is hanging out with his friends.  For his Kishrei Halev project he raised money and soccer equipment for the Kefa Project.  The Kefa Project is an organization in Rwanda that helps young boys and girls who are orphans get off the streets, provide them with education and helps them become independent.  Isaac's goal is to be a sports journalist.
Portion of the Week study
Rabbi Stanway is happy to announce the beginning of a Portion of the Week study.  We will be learning the parashat hashavuah using commentaries and delving into some of the themes and issues in each portion.  We will meet beginning on January 7 at 11 am and the study will be about an hour.  A full calendar will be available on the temple website.
Thank you!
Thank you to Social Action and the Stanway family for sponsoring an oneg last month, and big thank you to Dawn & Leonard Berkeley for sponsoring two onegs in honor of Bernard Bedrick and Teri Berkeley.  In addition, thanks to Dawn and Lenny for making the Brandl event last month happen!

Thank you again to Pat Shapiro who volunteered some time in the office last month. As always your help is greatly appreciated.

A Special Thank you from Rabbi Stanway

Dear Family Affair and Temple members,

I want to thank you for our expression of condolence and your acts of tzedakah as you planted trees in Israel, made contributions to the temple, send so many cards and letters, and visited during shiva in memory of my father.  I deeply appreciate the sincere condolences from the committee and from individuals and families.
Thank you,

Rabbi Stanway's Mishkan HaNefesh reflections
Rabbi Stanway will be sharing some reflections throughout the year on the new Days of Awe prayerbook, Mishkan HaNefesh that will be in the E-lijahs and on the temple website.  You can read them from the links below:

Movie Night Sing-a-long
Join us on February 25 for Movie Night as we watch and SING to the music of “Dirty Dancing” – a movie that takes place in the height of the Jewish Catskills and the relationship between Jennifer Grey (a Jewish teen) and Patrick Swayze (a non-Jewish dance instructor).  You know the movie.  You know the music.  Now let’s sing and have ‘the time of our lives’!  (You knew I would have to sneak that in somewhere!)  Watch this space for times and prices for the dinner.
May their memories be a blessing

January 6th

Virginia Adler
Lenore Agisim
Bridgette Billings
Pauline Bitterman*
Carol Bloom
Solomon Brower*
Serene Darnell
Mildred Edelstein
Sigmund Eisner*
William Falk*
Anna Fisher
Erna Friedman*
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Flora Housman*
Mortimer Jolles
Rose Kochansky*
Joseph Pearl
Gertrude Peters
Morris Pilver
Oscar Reiner
Abraham Revits*
Murray Rotwein*
Moses Scher*
Irving Schnur
Ethel Shevel
Helen Spitalny*
Myra Springer
Peter Stark
Frances Tiplitz
Vincent Vitale
Susan Warshauer*
Ruth Weber*
Regina Weston*
Ellie Yankow
Helen Zywotow*

January 13th

Benjamin Baser*
Abraham Bergman*
Mascha Bernstein
Claire Bloom
Susie Braiman
Martin Chomsky
Morris Cinnamon
Marvin Daniels
Lena Davis
Monroe Ehrenhalt
Sonia Epstein*
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Theresa Greenstone*
Sonya Grossman*
Jack Gussow*
Barbara Haas
Mollie Halberg
Isaac Haskell
Florence Haupt*
Theresa Heimlich*
David Hershoff*
Sally Levin
Lucille Levy
Bella Mihalovich
Cecille Morris
Edith Moss
Arlyne Reiter
Martin Rosenberg
Joseph Shapiro
Harry Schoenberg
Herman Turkel
Geraldine Willner*
Max Zimring

January 20th

Jeanette Applebaum
Malvina Berger
Nettie Brobar
Sonny Brousell
Eve Brower*
Alex Cohen*
Esther Cohen
Mildred Cole*
Samuel Edelson
Elias Ehrenhalt*
Rita Epstein
Bernard Francis*
Marc Friedman
Rose Goldenberg
Sam Gross*
Joseph Grossman
Marjorie Hollander*
Ester Khajezadeh
Minnie Kohn*
Irving Krantz
Janet LaKritz
Anne Landau*
Margaret Lebowitz
Stella Levie*
Helen Marlin*
William Myers*
Betty Neiderhoffer
Louis Podell*
Betty Reiner
Henry Reschke
Ester Rotwein*
Anna Scher*
Mollie Schultz
Irving Singer
Marion Sokol*
Milton Wasserman
Julian Zellner*

January 27th

Martha Altman*
Jennie Brodie
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Philip Cohen*
Hyman Fastov
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Sady Francis*
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Emanuel Mullen
Pearl Neiderman
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David Reby*
Chaim Sagalovsky
Therese Schultz
Stanley Senett
Rose Shulman Fisher
Blanche Silverman
Emil Sostman*
Pauline Spector
Murray Ziment
Endowment Fund
In memory of Lyle Stanway
-Shirley Berman

In memory of Lyle Stanway
-Karen O'Rourke

In memory of Lyle Stanway
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Teacher Endowment Fund
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In memory of Lyle Stanway
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Sonya Grossman Art & Beautification Fund
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Religious School Renovation
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In memory of Johanna Veit
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The NORTY Kern Youth scholarship Fund
In memory of Norman Siegel
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Tzedakeh Fund
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In memory of Lyle Stanway
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Family Affair
In memory of Lyle Stanway
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Rabbi Discretionary Fund
To Hillary Feinberg in memory of your mother
Shirley Lipstein.

To Ken Sims, in memory of Debbie Julian.

With love, Mal & Debbie Deener

Berg-Bialek Youth Leadership Retreat Fund
In memory of Lyle Stanway
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